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Confirmed Speakers



Jose Maria Carazo

Head of the Biocomputing Unit (BCU) of the National Center for Biotechnology / Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC), Madrid. The work covers the area of three-dimensional electron and X-ray microscopy and aims to develop new algorithms and software to extract the maximum biological knowledge in 3D-EM and X-ray microscopy.


Haydyn Mertens

Senior technical officer from the Biological Small Angle Scattering Group at EMBL, Hamburg (headed by Dmitri Svergun). Main research interests are development of methods for the structural characterisation of membrane proteins, with a focus on membrane scaffolding systems, and interfacing small-angle scattering (SAXS/SANS) with other techniques across the field of structural biology.



Isabel de Moraes

Leader of the Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL) at Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire. MPL is a research and training user facility open to scientists from laboratories anywhere in the world that are interested in determining membrane protein structures by X-ray crystallography. I. Moraes is responsible for the management, user projects and developments of the laboratory.




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