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Research Project

Within the ITQB PhD Program in Chemical and Biological Sciences & Engineering, a great emphasis is placed in the development of the Research Project (210 ECTS). The research project represents 87.5 % of the total time of the program.

PhD students are an integral part of the scientific research developed at ITQB and are therefore active contributors to the scientific success of ITQB. During their studies PhD students integrate existing research groups, interacting with their supervisor, but also with other students, post-docs and other researchers in an informal environment. Collaborations with other research groups is also strongly encouraged and further contributes to the friendly and cooperative atomosphere of the institute.

During their research project students are expected to concentrate on a specific scientific question and develop original research work. Besides learning how to develop a scientific project, including mastering several experimental and computational techniques, students will develop skills like independent thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, time management, written and oral communication, and student supervision. The PhD Research Project ends with the submission, presentation and defense of the PhD thesis.

ITQB awards PhD degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Engineering and Technological Sciences.



During the Research Project, the student is supervised and mentored by a researcher (PhD holder) or professor at ITQB. The supervisor may also appoint a co-supervisor (a researcher from ITQB or other institution), that further supports the students in their work.


The PhD thesis will be evaluated by a juri based on the student's achievements during the development of the project, including published papers, the final thesis document, and its presentation and defense.

Number of Credits

210 ECTS

Full Description

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