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The call for applications to the 2018 edition of the PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences will be open between October 9 and November 16, 2017, at 16h00 Lisbon time. The program will start on January 4, 2018.

The MolBioS Program is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia with 11 studenships per year. Additional places are available for students with other sources of funding. Candidates are expected to have a strong background in biological sciences including a degree in biology, biochemistry, agronomy, medicine, or related fields. Students with other backgrounds may also be accepted as long as they are in areas that interface with biology (e.g. chemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics). Candidates should be fluent in English as this is the Program official language.

Applications are now open

Admission criteria

Admission of candidates is competitive and based on the educational background, academic qualification, research experience, motivation and scientific ability.

Educational background: Candidates with a background in biological sciences or areas that interface with biology are encouraged to apply to this PhD Program.
Non Portuguese academic degrees can only be considered upon recognition by Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior or by a Portuguese Higher Education Institution, according to the applicable legislation (Decreto-Lei n.º 341/2007, de 12 de outubro, and Decreto-Lei n.º 283/83, de 21 de junho). 

Academic qualification: The candidates must have a strong academic record and meet the minimum following requirements:

• Holding a Masters degree or legal equivalent, or a Bachelor’s degree with a total number of academic credits equal or above 240 (pre-Bologna degrees);

• Exceptionally, students with only a Bachelor’s degree but an outstanding academic or scientific curriculum may be accepted. This is evaluated by the Directive Board of the PhD Program.

• Masters degree has to be completed before the application deadline, according to Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia regulations. Follow the instructions in the online application platform.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are 2750 €/year. Students with a MolBioS or FCT fellowship have their tuition fees covered.



All applications will be evaluated on the basis of past performance and potential for scientific development. Selection follows a two-step procedure involving a written application and an personal assessment.

Step I: Candidates should fill in the online application form with all relevant information, which includes a personal statement. They can also provide the name of up to two scientists/professors who will be contacted to provide a reference letter.

Step 2: Selected candidates will be asked to make a presentation followed by an interview. This step serves to evaluate the intellectual and scientific ability of the candidates, their rationale for pursuing a PhD (their interest/commitment to research), research interests, career goals (what does the applicant intend to do post PhD and how will the Program help), and command of English.





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