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Call for applications is now closed.
Eleven fellowships are available covering the tuition fees and a monthly allowance (980 €; tax free). Students who have secured other sources of funding may apply later.

The application is made online.

For information on who can apply to the MolBioS Program see Admission.

The list of labs/supervisors associated with the MolBioS Program is available here. Please note that not all supervisors can accept students this year. 


Application Process

1. Register at the application platform.

2. Activate your account (you will receive an email for this)

3. Start the process by inserting your name and saving the form.

4. Fill in all your information in the application form. It will not be possible to upload a Cv, so use the required fields for this. You can save and return later.

5. Upload a pdf file with the Degree Certificates (First and Master Degrees only, in a single pdf file). Holders of non Portuguese academic degrees should include in the same pdf the proof of recognition of their degree by Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior or by a Portuguese Higher Education Institution. If you are selected you will later have to bring the originals.

6. Mark the checkbox when your application is complete and press Save to seal and submit the application. Applications submited after the deadline will not be considered.

In the application platform, you can provide the name and e-mail of two scientists/professors who can write a reference letter for you. Please do this as soon as possible (it is not necessary to have your application complete; only your name and their contact is required). We will contact them directly to ask for this reference. They will be provided with an online form to be submitted before the deadline for applications.


Selection Process

Selection will follow a two-step procedure involving analysis of the application and a personal assessment.

Step 1: At this step a short-list of candidates to be invited for interview is prepared. The results of Step I will be communicated by e-mail.

Selection is based on analysis of:

i) past performance - academic record, research experience, and publications (if any);

ii) the personal statement - should include a description of scientific interests and career goals, and reasons for applying to the Program;

iii) Letters of recommendation, if present.


Step 2: Selected candidates will be invited to make a presentation followed by an interview. Candidates living abroad will be interviewed via Skype. Interviews will take place at ITQB NOVA. Make sure you are available during these days and be prepared to make a presentation followed by an interview.

The 10 min oral presentation should include a personal and a scientific component, focusing on your own research experience, or on a paper or short literature review of a relevant topic of your interest in the area of molecular biosciences. The presentation is followed by an interview with the Admission Committee. The whole process is in English. This step serves to evaluate the intellectual and scientific ability of the candidates, their rationale for pursuing a PhD (their interest/commitment to research), research interests, career goals (what does the applicant intend to do post PhD and how will the Program help), and command of English.

The final results will be released by e-mail and the selected applicants must confirm their acceptance.

The selection criteria can be found here.


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