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Experimental work: in a laboratory of your choice, under supervision of a senior resercher


Flash presentations: by the participants of Summer Science @ITQB NOVA, on the project they have developed during experimental work


Round tables:

ROUND TABLE I: Life in the Lab (the real deal) 24th July, 17h30-19h00

The round table will have the participation of principal investigators, post-docs, PhD and Master students. Each participant will share their scientific paths, how they reach to their positions, what are their major concerns and the successes achieved. The daily life in the lab from different perspectives will be discussed.

PIs: Prof. Carlos Romão and Prof. Cristina Silva Pereira

Post-docs: Sofia Venceslau and Tiago Lourenço

PhD students: José Rodrigues and Ana Licuco Massouh

Master students: Vanessa Almeida and Patricia Sequeira

Moderator: José Artur Brito


ROUND TABLE II: Science Out of the Box 25th July, 17h30-19h00

Science serves society in many forms and its role in a variety of fields is often overlooked. As a reflect of this, trained scientists embark in a variety of different careers, some of them directly linked to science, some of them not, in all cases with a direct translation of the lessons learned in the lab. Thus, this round table focuses on the experiences of scientists working in a variety of scientific and non-scientific fields, making with their everyday tasks, science spreading out of the box.


António Candeias, HERCULES Laboratory (HERança CULtural, Estudos e Salvaguarda / Cultural Heritage Studies and Safeguard), Universidade de Évora

Leonel Alegre, Science Communication

Sofia Rodrigues, Maratona da Saúde

Rita Caré, Urban sketching applied to science communication

Moderator: Margarida Trindade


Improving communication skills: workshop with the Head of ITQB NOVA Communication Office

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