Organizing Committee:

On behalf of the Portuguese Chemical Society and the Portuguese Carbohydrate Group, we are pleased to invite all researchers with interests in the different fields of carbohydrate science, to participate in the 7th International Meeting of the Portuguese Carbohydrate Group - Glupor 7.

The meeting will take place at the Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB), Oeiras, Portugal, from 12 to 15 September 2007. The presence of experts from different fields of Glycoscience such as Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine, will generate an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere of knowledge exchange.

The ITQB, an advanced and interdisciplinary research institute, located within the historic unspoiled farm previously belonging to the Marquis of Pombal, will provide the ideal place for our meeting.

Oeiras is a beautiful seaside town close to Lisbon, the bussling capital of Portugal. In recent years it has become a hub for scientific and technological research.

Júlia Costa,Chairman

    Júlia Costa, ITQB (Chairman)

Amélia Rauter, FCUL


Rita Abranches, ITQB


Sérgio Filipe, ITQB


Rita Ventura, ITQB