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Projects with Industry

Over the last 20 years, the ACTU team has carried out several R&D projects for companies such as Merck Healthcare (Germany), Merck Millipore (Germany), Bayer Healthcare (Germany), Redbiotec (Switerland), Apceth (Germany), Janson (USA), Sanofi-Pasteur (France), Astra-Zeneca (USA), Helmholtz Centre For Infection Research (Germany), Max Planck Institute For Dynamics Of Complex Technical Systems (Germany), Cellectis (Sweeden), Inscreenx (Germany), Altimax (UK), Corning (France), GE (France), Lonza Biologics (UK), IBMT-FRAUNHOFER (Germany), Coretherapix (Spain), Crelux (Germany), Tecnimede (Portugal), Bia Separations (Slovenia), Kasei (Japan), Multigene Vascular Systems (Israel), Genethon (France), Genibet Biopharmaceuticals, S.A. (Portugal), Sartorius-Stedim Biotech (Germany), Pall Life Sciences (USA), PBS Biotech (USA), Alloksys (The Nederlands), Abbvie (USA), among others.


Main areas include:

  • Process development for protein production (incl. Mabs); 
  • Production of virus-based vaccines; 
  • Viral vectors for gene therapy (Retrovirus and Lentivirus, Adenovirus, Adeno Associated Virus and Baculovirus);
  • Development of tools and methodologies for cell therapy applications and pre-clinical research (novel 3D in vitro models for toxicology and disease models) namely the use of Stem Cells (hESC, Adult Stem Cells and iPS) and primary cultures of human hepatocytes, cancer and brain cells.


A full list of collaborations with Companies, Institutes and Universities can be found here.


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