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Head of the lab

M. Margarida Oliveira is Associate Professor w / Aggregation at ITQB-UNL, where she directs the GPlantS Lab. Since March 2011, she is Vice-Director of ITQB.

Margarida is particularly interested in the study of the molecular mechanisms that regulate plant development and adaptation to the environment, and in the improvement of plants with national interest.


Foto-Magui-2011.jpg For 23 years, Margarida was Professor at the Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Department of Plant Biology, where she taught and coordinated several disciplines of Diploma and MSc, in the areas of cell biology, plant development, plant biotechnology and genetic engineering. Since 2008 she is Associate Professor at ITQB and since 2010 she is ITQB vice-Director. She has supervised several students, from Diploma to Post-Doc Degrees (17 PhD students have already graduated and another 11 have an ongoing PhD project). She is coordinator of the Scientific Committee of ITQB PhD program, member of the Teaching Quality Committee of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Director of the Plant Genomics Infrastructural area of IBET.
She has been an active promoter of “COTArroz - Centro Operativo e Tecnológico do Arroz”, of the "National Platform of Plant Funct. Genomics" and of the "Cork oak Genome Sequencing”. Since 2004 she has been representative of IBET at the General assembly of COTArroz, and since Oct. 2010 she is the President of this Assembly. Since 2008 Margarida is also the President of the Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology and of the GMOs Specialized Technical Committee of ASAE (the National Authority for Food, Feed and Economical Safety).
She is associate editor of the journal "Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture" (Springer) since 2006, and reviewer for several international journals. She has more than 85 original papers published in international journals with referees, 36 papers published in proceedings of international conferences and 7 book chapters. Margarida has been invited to present lectures at specialized national and international congresses and other scientific meetings, and to discuss PhD thesis at national and international level.

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