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Plant Metabolomics



Established at ITQB NOVA in August 2013, the Plant Metabolomics Lab aims at addressing interesting biological questions related to plant environment and agriculture using mass spectrometry (MS)-based analytical platforms. Dissecting global environmental interactions that adversely affect plant growth and development through changes occurring at the metabolite level (i.e. metabolic reconfiguration and adaptation) is fundamental in current plant biotechnology programs and provides essential tools for coping with the adding negative effects of climate change in agriculture, breeding and food security. In our group, we also have a longstanding interest in the development and validation of chromatographic methods coupled to MS for the sensitive analysis of target plant metabolites (e.g., low-abundant sugar phosphates and phytohormones, plant lipid species). To accomplish our goals, we use the following MS-based analytical platforms:

  • LC-MS/MS target metabolite approaches (QIT-MS , QqQ-MS, TOF-MS)
  • GC-MS metabolite profiling approaches (Q-MS, TOF-MS)
  • Stable isotope labelling experiments coupled to GC-MS

Although no single analytical system can cover the whole metabolome ("true" metabolomics), increasing interest in using MS-based approaches in plant stress biology continues to grow within fields of application, including diagnostic and analysis of metabolic responses to various genetic and/or environmental perturbations (abiotic/biotic stress-factors), gene function annotation, and systems biology approaches.

Keywords: Mass spectrometry, LC-MS method development and validation, sample preparation, metabolite extraction, quantitative metabolite analysis, abiotic/biotic stress-factors.

Carla António Lab | 

Phone (+351) 214 469 634 | Extension #1634 

ITQB NOVA, Av. da República, 2780-157 Oeiras, PORTUGAL


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