Innovation is the process for generating new knowledge from an opportunity, and using ideas to transform this knowledge into value for society.

Innovation is a precondition for sustaining our Way of Life. It is through Innovation that we can positively impact our lives in very different ways: through improved medicines, more efficient and sustainable energy resources, and with new technological solutions to protect our environment or to guarantee the security of citizens.

Despite Europe’s longstanding recognition that the involvement of business in the governance of research can help orient research and education activities towards the needs of society, there is still a recognizable communication gap between researchers and industry actors.

More importantly, researchers are often not alert to Innovation as such, following their instincts and ideas with minute consideration for translational impact.

The StartUp Research Program is a truly inter-disciplinary Post-Graduation course brought together by scientists and entrepreneurs from ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE.

The StartUp Research Mission is two-fold:

  • To endow researchers with an Innovation mindset, tailoring their profile to improve their career prospects, either in academia or in the industry sector;

  • To identify translational value in the research performed in R&D clusters to promote their social impact and sustainability.