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Metals play essential roles in life. Even general public is aware of this, just think of iron in blood or vitamin B12. Nevertheless, a deeper understanding of mechanisms of action of metals in metalloproteins can radically transform our capacity to improve health and well-being. It can furthermore lead to development of novel biotechnological solutions for pressing environmental problems.

TIMB3 takes up the challenge of performing innovative research on metalloproteins using biospectroscopy, which will provide detailed molecular insights into the role of diverse metals in biology. The key target systems are metal homeostasis and trafficking in living cells, biogenesis of essential metallocofactors and biocatalysis by metalloenzymes.

Besides the host institution, ITQB-NOVA, TIMB3 involves two partners, CIRMMP (Florence, Italy) and the Technical University of Berlin, which possess unmatched expertise in Magnetic Resonance and Vibrational spectroscopies. The project envisages a number of scientific exchange missions among the partners, and a series of training events on scientific and soft skills. Furthermore, ITQB-NOVA will create a Virtual Platform for Biospectroscopy to be used by non-specialists; they will learn about the potential of this versatile group of methods and its applicability to their specific research problems, broadening the social awareness of the capacities of biospectroscopy.

Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 810856.


1st TIMB3 Training School
Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems
12th - 19th May, 2019

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1st TIMB3 Scientific Writing course
24th – 27th September, 2019