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Qualidade de Ensino


As a strategy for continuous improvement of its education activities, teaching quality is monitored closely at ITQB NOVA, following the guidelines of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

At NOVA, the system to monitor the Quality of Teaching (Sistema de Garantia de Qualidade do Ensino), allows the university to track and report on its teaching and training activities, and is an essential tool to increase its national and international recognition.


Quality Team 

  • ITQB NOVA Director -  Cláudio M. Soares
  • Vice-Director Responsible for Quality - Inês Cardoso Pereira

ITQB NOVA Quality Monitoring Committee:

  • ​Vice-Director Responsible for Quality - Inês Cardoso Pereira
  • Responsible for "Teaching and Learning" - Ana Sanchez
  • Responsible for "Research and Development" -  Cláudio M. Soares
  • Responsible for "Value Creation" - Margarida Oliveira
  • Responsible for "Internationalisation" - Margarida Oliveira
  • Responsible for the quality of Administration and Services - Dalila Farinha
  • Student representatives of the study levels ministered at ITQB NOVA - One PhD, one Master, student representatives on the Pedagogic Council
  • A member from the Quality Office  - Anabela Simões
  • Other members, by annual invitation from the Board, without a vote - Júlia Costa

ITQB NOVA Quality Office:

  • Vice-Director Responsible for Quality –  Inês Cardoso Pereira
  • Responsible for the quality of Administration and Services – Dalila Farinha
  • Technician in the Quality Office of ITQB NOVA  – Anabela Simões


ITQB NOVA Quality Delegates:

  • Communication: Renata Ramalho
  • Quality:  Anabela Simões
  • Science Management: Margarida Trindade
  • Advanced Education: Ana Sanchez
  • Innovation: Marta Ribeiro
  • Scientific Services: Doutor João Vicente
  • Administrative, Financial and Asset: Fernando Jorge Tavares
  • People Management, Projects and Academic Services: Lurdes Conceição
  • Computer Systems: Daniel Branco
  • Maintenance and Workshop: Nuno Monteiro


Accreditation/Evaluation by A3ES

Master in Biochemistry for Health

Master in Biotechnology for Sustainability 

Master in Medical Microbiology 

Master in Science Communication 

PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences

PhD Program in Sustainable Chemistry

PhD Program in Bioengineering

PhD Program in Integrative Biology and Biomedicine

PhD Program in Neuroscience

PhD Program in Plant Biology - Plants for Life


Teaching Quality Reports

Available only from within ITQB NOVA

PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences and
PhD Program Plants for Life


PhD Program Biology at the Host Microbe Interface



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