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Lab's equipped for manipulation and growth of animal cells


  • Incubators for mammalian (with COand O2 control) and insect cells culture
  • CO2 Analyzer
  • Biohazard laminar flow chambers

  • Mobile biohazard laminar flow chamber

  • Bioreactors (0.2-5L)
  • Centrifuges (conventional and plate rotors)

  • Microscopes, vertical and inverted, equipped with fluorescence, phase contrast, dark and bright field, microphotography cameras

  • Cell counters (Schärfe System and Cedex HiRes Analyzer)

  • Metabolites analyzer (Cedex Bio)

  • Luminescence/Fluorescence Reader for 96-well plates and on-line measurement (bioreactor)

  • Spectrophotometer (conventional and for 96 wells plates)

  • Flow cytometers

  • ELISA reader (96 wells plates)

  • Plate washer

  • Quantitative PCR (LightCycler 480)

  • Autoclave

  • Liquid Chromatography for purification (ÄKTA Explorer system)
  • Membrane based purification (ÄKTA Crossflow and Sartoflow Slice)
  • HPLC (sugars, nucleotides, amino-acids and weak acids)

  • Nanosight for characterization of nanoparticles

  • Digital Sonifier

  • Encapsulator

  • Tissue homogenizer (Precellys Evolution)

  • Mili-Q Water production system

  • Microporator for transfection

  • Thermocycler

  • Electrophoresis equipment

  • Liquid Nitrogen Reservoirs and -85ºC Freezer for Cell/Virus Banking
  • Planner for cryopreservation: liquid nitrogen reservoirs and -85ºC freezer for cell/virus banking


Access to:

  • LC-MS (MSn), MALDI-TOF with Reflectron
  • Biacore
  • NMR
  • Confocal Microscope
  • X-Ray
Lab Equipment 


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