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Metalloenzymes and Molecular Bioenergetics


Miguel Teixeira

Professor of Biological Chemistry

Coordinator of the MostMicro Metalloproteins and Bioenergetics Unit

Head of the Metalloenzymes and Molecular Bioenergetics Laboratory 

Instituto Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier
Av. da República
2780-157 Oeiras
Tel: +351 21 4469 322

ORCID: 0000-0003-4124-6237

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Galileo - What good is it to have freedom of investigation without having free time to investigate? What do you get out of it? ...

The curator (of the University of Padua) - Scudi are worth what scudi will buy. For the knowledge which you sell, you can only demand as much as it profits whoever buys it from you. ..

Galileo - I understand. Free trade, free research. Free trade with research, is not it?

The curator - And as far as the material side is concerned, why don’t you invent something else as pretty as your wonderful proportional compasses which - enable one without any mathematical knowledge to protract lines, calculate compound interest on capital,...  

... Galileo - I admit that it amuses me to prove my worth to you gentlemen of Venice, in your famous arsenal and your dockyards and your cannon foundries. But you leave me no time to pursue the far-reaching speculations on my own subject which crowd into my mind when I am there.

B. Brecht, The Life of Galileo

...Now it is far from obvious, from a logical point of view, that we are justified in inferring universal statements from singular ones, no matter how numerous; for any conclusion drawn in this way may always turn out to be false: no matter how many instances of white swans we may have observed, this does not justify the conclusion that all swans are white....

K. Popper, The Logic of scientific discovery



Keywords: Metals, Metalloproteins, Oxygen, Nitric Oxide, Electron Transfer, EPR, BioInorganic Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Enzyme Kinetics

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