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 Inside ITQB


Molecular Simulation
António M. Baptista


Structural Genomics
Isabel Bento
Célia Romão
Maria A. Carrondo


Industry and Medicine App. Crystal.
Pedro Matias


Structural Biology
Carlos Frazão


Membrane Protein Crystallography
Margarida Archer


Metalloproteins and Bioenergetics
Miguel Teixeira


Biological Energy Transduction
Manuela Pereira


Microbial Development
Adriano O. Henriques

Microbial and Enzyme Technology
Ligia O. Martins


Bacterial Energy Metabolism
Inês Pereira


Stress and Genomics
Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada


Protein Biochemistry, Folding and stability
Cláudio M. Gomes


Cell Physiology and NMRr
Helena Santos


Júlia Costa


Molecular Genetics of Microbial Resistance
Ligia M. Saraiva


Inorganic Biochemistry and NMR
Ricardo Louro


Bioinorganic Chemistry and Peptide Design

Olga Iranzo


Single Molecule Processes

Yann Astier

Outside ITQB


Biocatalysis in non-aqueous solvents @ FCT-UNL
Susana Barreiros


Microbial Genetics @ FCT-UNL
Isabel Sá-Nogueira


Biochemical Engineering @ IST
Joaquim S. Cabral


Cystic Fibrosis Unit @ INSRJ & FCUL
Margarida Amaral


Physical Biochemistry @ FCUL
Miguel Castanho


Polymer engineering @ U Minho
Rita Araújo
Artur Cavaco-Paulo


Molecular Biology of Rhizobia @ U. Évora

Solange Oliveira


Raman @ Technical University of Berlin, DE
Peter Hildebrandt


Bioenergetics @ University of Moscow, RU
Alexander Konstantinov


Bioprocess Technology @ University of Strathclyde, UK
Peter Halling


Structural Biology @ EMBL-Hamburg, DE
Michele Cianci.


Structural Biology @ University of Manchester, UK

John Helliwell

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