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PhD Programmes: applications open to MolBioS and Plants for Life

The first phase of applications is open until August 5th and the second phase will be open from September 1st - 15th.

The PhD Programmes in Molecular Biosciences (MolBioS) and Plant Sciences (Plants for Life) are now open! The first phase of applications is open from July 25th until August 5th 2022

The MolBioS PhD Programme is a flexible, state-of-the-art, research oriented program in life sciences, aimed at highly motivated students. It fills the gap between molecules and living systems, training students in molecular approaches needed to understand the mechanisms of life. The programme provides an updated overview of the fundamental aspects of biological processes, followed by more specific training in one of four key areas (research profiles): Biopharmaceutical Technology, Molecular Basis of Biological Processes, Molecular Microbiology and Infection Biology, and Plants for Life.

MolBioS candidates are expected to have a strong background in biological sciences including a degree in biology, biochemistry, agronomy, medicine, or related fields. The programme is coordinated by ITQB NOVA and has also the participation of groups from iBET, FCT NOVA and IGC.

The international PhD Programme Plants for Life aims to train researchers in plant sciences to address key biological questions related to plant growth and development, such as plant responses to environmental stress and the improvement of crop varieties and plant products.

This programme promotes basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into agricultural and industrial applications, by associating plant research centers in Portugal (ITQB NOVA, iBET, IGC, and INIAV) with world-class research centers in Europe. The candidates are expected to have an MSc in biological or agronomical sciences (or related fields). 

Classes will start in January for MolBioS and March 2023 for the Plants for Life programme. 

There will be 8 fellowships available for the MolBioS programme (applications open on September 1st) and 4 felowships for Plants for Life (date of applications to be defined).

More on the course and admission available on the programmes websites: MolBioS, Plants for Life.

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