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News 2012

A new model for a rare disease
Researchers identify fly mutants that mimic metabolic disorder
5th CERMAX Course on basic NMR
Registrations are now open
The future of cork oak: the book
Researchers present workshop conclusions
Academia meets industry
New API process tested at ITQB
Environmentally friendly oxidation
Researchers design robust catalyst for olefin oxidation with hydrogen peroxide
The long and winding road of new therapies
Advances in production processes featured in Trends in Biotechnology
When water and water don’t mix
On the role of ionic liquids in Aqueous Biphasic Systems
International Congress on Ionic Liquids in Algarve
Registrations are now open for COIL-5
Drawing the curtain on INTERBIO
Final project meeting in Toulouse highlights ITQB’s contribution
Microbe magazine higlights paper by ITQB researchers
A bacterial perspective on the battle with the immune system
Best poster award for ITQB PhD student
At FEBS practical course on macromolecular crystallization
Two best presentation prizes for ITQB Lab this month
At international meetings on Helicobacter Infections and Biometals
Best poster award for ITQB PhD student
At EMS Summer School on Membrane
It takes three for antibiotic resistance
Additional gene suggests new model for regulating methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
How sperm cells tails are formed
Study results from collaboration within Laboratório Associado
Forest Genomic Meeting on November 26
Registrations now open
Mariana Gomes de Pinho is new ERC Awardee
Research project focus on internal organization of Staph bacteria
3rd ITQB PhD Students Meeting
Young ITQB scientists discuss ongoing research projects
Best poster award
At VI International Congress on Legume Genetics and Genomics
Shedding light on the mechanism of reduction reactions
Researchers synthesise stable nickel hydride complex
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