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Eurico Melo Lab


The Laboratory of Microheterogeneous Systems of ITQB NOVA deals with the physical chemical properties of lipid membranes obtaining parameters needed for in silico simulations and studies of the dynamics of reactions between biological membrane components.

Eurico Melo
Assistant Prof. at Instituto Superior Técnico (retired)
PhD in (1986), Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

Phone (+351) 214469720
Extension 1720



Research Interests

At the Laboratory of Microheterogeneous Systems of ITQB NOVA we study the structure and topology of lipid aggregates and the kinetics of bimolecular reactions in lipid mesophases. The lipid mesophases we are interested in are those that mimic biological structures such as the cell membranes or the stratum corneum lipid matrix.

In our kinetic studies the progression of reactant interaction in the micro-millisecond time scale is simulated by Monte-Carlo methods. The objective is to develop more realistic models for biological reactions occurring between membrane components. In the studies of the structure of lipid mesophases the purpose is to improve the present knowledge about lipid molecular interactions. The experimental structural data of lipid mesephases is compared with the predictions of the generally accepted lipid interaction theories, their drawbacks criticized and eventually corrected.



Selected Publications

  1. Joana Valério, Maria Helena Lameiro, Sérgio S. Funari, Maria João Moreno, Eurico Melo, Temperature effect on the bilayer stacking in multilamellar lipid vesicles. J. Phys. Chem. B, 116(2012)168-178

  2. S.L. Souza, J. Valério, S.S. Funari and E. Melo The thermotropism and prototropism of ternary mixtures of Ceramide C16, Cholesterol and Palmitic acid. An exploratory study. Chem. Phys. Lipids, 164(2011)643-653

  3. S.L. Souza, K.J. Hallock, S.S. Funari, W.L.C. Vaz, J.A. Hamilton and E. Melo, Study of the Miscibility of Cholesteryl Oleate in a Matrix of Ceramide, Cholesterol and Fatty Acid. Chem. Phys. Lipids, 164(2011)664-671


Laboratory's website

For further information please visit the laboratory's website


Sistemas Micro-heterogéneos (PT)

Um dos objectivos do trabalho do Laboratório de Sistemas Micro-heterogéneos é o estudo das propriedades químico-físicas de membranas lipídicas nomeadamente a obtenção de parâmetros necessários para simulações in silico. Outro objectivo é o estudo da cinética de reacções entre componentes de membranas biológicas.


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