StartUp Research

The welcome_jpeg.jpgStartUp Research is a Post-Graduation program collaboratively built by scientists and entrepreneurs from ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE designed to create awareness in researchers of the value their science can generate.

The Program will give biotech researchers knowledge about innovation trends in the biotech industry and entrepreneurship skills.



April 12th: First edition Final Pitch & Graduation Session - ITQB Auditorium 9h:30-17h:00

December 11th: The StartUp Research Program is proud to announce the contribution of External Experts from Portugal Ventures in the final project presentation session, evaluating the quality of the projects and providing valuable feedback. Portugal Ventures’ mission is to proactively invest in startups in all stages of development, helping them grow, increase their competitiveness and go global. The featured StartUp Research Projects will be under screening of the largest VC in Portugal and thus might have access to Seed Capital of up to 1 M Euro. Do not miss this opportunity to take your Innovation project to the next level. Know more about Portugal Ventures at

December 7th: Pharmis Full Tuition Scholarship – Apply now! The StartUp Research Program is proud to announce the Association with Pharmis Biofarmacêutica, S.A. Pharmis, a leader in biopharma Innovation, becomes a StartUp Research Associate Partner, attributing a full attendance scholarship to the best proposed idea fitting Pharmis’ major innovation areas, namely Haematology, Urology, Nephrology, Infectious diseases and Clinical care. If you share Pharmis’ vision of delivering differentiating solutions to the world of health, do not miss this opportunity to bring your innovative idea to the next level. Available for StartUp Research first edition (January 2019).

December 4th: Megaingenium Scholarship – Apply now! The StartUp Research Program is proud to announce the Association with Megaingenium IP Services, Lda. Megaingenium is a company that helps in the process of implementing and obtaining tangible results from innovation processes. Megaingenium offers a range of services in the Intellectual Property area and will be StartUp Research's preferential partner for IP protection. A Megaingenium Full Tuition Scholarship is available for any StartUp Research candidate applying to the program's first edition (January 2019) with an Innovative idea across any Life Sciences, Biotech or Medical field.

(November 21st: The StartUp Research Program is proud to announce a partnership with the International Mentor Program (IMP) from the International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education (imfahe). IMP Mentors will support StartUp Research participants to collectively develop their projects and be available to guide their professional and academic careers. Know more about imfahe and the IMP.

(October 11th) NEWS: The StartUp Research program will be presented at the PORTUGAL ENTREPRENEUR, A MEETING WITH EUROPE - Bolsa Empreendedorismo - October 15th 2018, Centro de Congressos e Eventos “Palacete”, Tivoli Avenida da Liberdade. Find out more at

(October 1st) NEWS: FIRST EDITION StartUp Research STARTING DATE - JANUARY 12th 2019.

(October 1st) NEWS : Applications OPEN until DECEMBER 12th 2018.

(September 5th) NEWS : New public presentations of the StartUp Research Program coming up (COMING SOON)Previous public presentations of the StartUp Research Program

  • July 19th 2018, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Almada
  • July 17th 2018, 11h, Fundação Champalimaud, Lisboa
  • July 11th 2018, 11h, Nova Medical School, Lisboa
  • July 11th 2018, 14h, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa
  • July 11th 2018, 16h, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisboa
  • July 5th 2018, 12h, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras
  • June 26th  2018, 17h30, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Oeiras