Applications & Admission


Applications to the 2020 edition are now open until December 13th 2019.

Early Bird - Applications until September 30th have a 10% discount on tuition. Discount is not cumulative with any of the available Attendance Scholarships.

How to apply?

Send a Max. 2-page CV (PDF.Doc) and a Max.1-A4 page Motivation Letter (PDF.Doc) to, with "StartUp Research Application_your name" in the E-mail Subject. If you are applying to one of the available attendance Scholarships, do support your application with your idea/new technology/new know how in the Motivation Letter and specify what type of Scholarship your are applying to (see Available Attendance Scholarships below for more information).

Selection criteria

  • 40% CV: Candidates with a minimum (Pre-Bologna) University degree or a (Post-Bologna) MSc will be preferred.
  • 60% Motivation Letter: Written expression of interest in attending the course and justifying how present or future R&D interest can have translation potential and social impact. Written English proficiency.
  • If necessary, a personal interview might be scheduled for untying closely-ranked candidates.

Registration fee & tuition

    Registration fee:

  • €26

    Tuition (upfront payment):

  • €1500 for  MSc and/or PhD students enrolled in programs hosted by ITQB NOVA or NOVA SBE
  • €1800 for researchers & staff from ITQB NOVA & NOVA SBE and affiliated institutions (iBET, IGC, INIAV and Champalimaud Foundation)
  • €2200 for students & staff from other academic institutions (20% discount if more than 1 participant from the same institution)
  • €2800 for applicants from non-academic institutions involved in active research (20% discount if more than 1 participant from the same institution)

All levels of tuition may be payable in three tranches, each at the beginning of each Module, with a 20% increase over the upfront payment modality.

Available Attendance Scholarships

ITQB NOVA SCHOLARSHIPS (available for ITQB NOVA students, enrolled in ITQB NOVA-coordinated MSc and/or PhD programs only);


CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE OEIRAS (CML) SCHOLARSHIPS. In the scope of the Oeiras Valley initiative and strategic objectives, the CMO has associated with the StartUp Research by offering €1500 scholarships available for anyone wanting to participate in the program. Although non-exclusive, CMO scholarships will be awarded preferentially to candidates coming from SI&DT institution located within the Oeiras Valley;


PHARMIS SCHOLARSHIP. Pharmis Biofarmacêutica, S.A., a leader in biopharma Innovation, is a StartUp Research Associate Partner, attributing a full attendance scholarship (up to €3500) to the best proposed idea fitting Pharmis’ major innovation areas, namely Haematology, Urology, Nephrology, Infectious diseases and Clinical care; 


MEGAINGENIUM SCHOLARSHIP– Megaingenium IP Services, Lda. is a company that offers a range of services in the Intellectual Property area. A Megaingenium (€1500) Scholarship is available for any StartUp Research candidate with an Innovative idea across any Life Sciences field.