Miguel Santos email

Short CV
Miguel Santos holds a BSc and a MSc degree in Biochemistry from Old Dominion University, VA, USA; a PhD in Molecular Biology from ITQB NOVA, PT; a Post-Doctorate in Genomics, UA, PT; a proficiency degree in Project Management (PMI Intl.), UAL, PT; a Mini-MBA in Global Biopharma Entrepreneurship, Rutgers University, NJ, USA; and a MBA from the Institute of Business Management (IBM) Lisbon. Miguel has occupied several managing positions within academy and industry. Recently, as COO at ECBio S.A., Miguel coordinated several aspects of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) development and was responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Research, Development and Innovation Management System according to the NP 4457:2007 (Intl. standard based on the Oslo Manual, Eurostat/OCDE, 2005). Miguel is currently an Affiliated Researcher at the Animal Science Studies Centre (CECA/ICETA - UPorto) and iMED (FF.ULisboa), and an Invited Principal Investigator at ITQB NOVA, where he coordinates the StartUp Research Program, in collaboration with the Venture Lab from NOVA SBE. Miguel provides consultancy in Open Innovation and New Product Development to Biotech StartUps and is presently a member of the Advanced Therapies Evaluation Committee, at INFARMED; and an Executive Board Member of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cell and Stem Cell-Based Therapies.

During the first day at the StartUp Research Program, we shall define Innovation according to the OECD Oslo Manual, Eurostat/OCDE, 2005, and analyse the advantages of an Open Innovation model and a Front-End view over other more conservative models of value creation. We shall analyse how we can apply the Open and Front-End Innovation processes to scientific research and learn how to separate the Innovation concept from Invention and Discovery. We shall then take a general view into the rainbow classification of the several faces of Biotechnology. Finally, we shall exercise the very first step of the Innovation Process Ideation. Creativity sparkles Innovation and you can create conditions to stimulate creativity by whirling around several well-established strategies, such as programmed brainstorming sessions or pre-scheduled retreats. However, Ideation is triggered when it is least expected, often during atypical circumstances.

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Anibal López email

Short CV
Aníbal is a teaching assistant of Entrepreneurship at NOVA SBE. Aníbal holds a PhD in Management (Entrepreneurship) from NOVA SBE. Aníbal previously worked as researcher assistant in different research projects in organizational behavior field. His main research interests focus obstacles to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial passion and new venture management. Aníbal is currently responsible for the academic programs of the NOVA SBE’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship knowledge center (Venture Lab).

Topics I

a) Customer segmentation

b) Customer Development Process

c) Design Thinking

d) The scientific method applied to Customer Validation

Topics II

a) Traditional approach vs Entrepreneurial approach

b) Sales and business development

c) Growth Hacking

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Teresa Mannebach email

Short CV
Teresa Moana Mannebach is a Mentor and Advisor in the knowledge center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Venture Lab) at NOVA SBE. Since 2014, Teresa is a teaching assistant for courses related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Strategy Consulting. Teresa adds on to her academic knowledge with experience from being a business developer at and an entrepreneur - she launched her own business in 2014 (Slide Surfcamp). She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Maastricht University and a Master in Management with specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from NOVA SBE. Teresa's areas of interest include besides Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Ocean Health and Surfing.


a) Business Model Generation

b) The value proposition Canvas,

c) The Business Model Canvas

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John Freshley_Photo.png

John Freshley

Short CV

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, John Freshley is a high-energy entrepreneur, company builder and leader with 20+ years experience in a wide variety of healthcare-focused companies launching and operating in a region outside of the biotech “hubs” – not unlike Portugal. He has founded, launched, and/or led 8 early stage life science companies resulting in successes, failures, and always lessons learned.

Most recently, from 2013 through April 2019, Freshley served as President & CEO of ONL Therapeutics, an emerging ophthalmology company focused on preventing the death of retinal cells. During his leadership, ONL raised $11M+ in equity and non-dilutive funding, while advancing its lead candidate from discovery to clinical development with the Phase-I trial starting in October 2019.

Mr. Freshley is 50% Portuguese by heritage, which fuels his interest in helping build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal, and is learning.




Alexandra Veiga email

Short CV
Alexandra Veiga is a Research Manager at Nova SBE. After her post-doctoral studies and over ten years of research activity, Alexandra worked for four years as Senior Officer at the Portuguese Food Safety Authority where she was also member of the Scientific Committee. She was then invited to set up the Research Management Office at ITQB – NOVA, a research institute in the Lisbon area. Five years later she moved to the National Funding Agency (FCT) to create a new position of Senior Officer for Nuclear Affairs along with an activity as National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon 2020. Her diversified work experience gave her a comprehensive perspective of the research field. As an academic, she published eight papers. While working on Food Safety, she published two book chapters, was member of Editorial Boards, evaluated research proposals for the EC and other funding entities, participated in the decision process to launch calls to fund research, and did consulting in Africa. As research manager, she gained a deep knowledge on funding agencies’ policies, contributed to the definition of institutional funding strategies, and trained and assisted researchers in the preparation of grant applications. Alexandra has also a thorough knowledge of European institutions: she was member of the H2020 Programme Committees; was appointed as member of the Governing Board of the Fusion for Energy; was the country representative in several meetings to the European Food Safety Authority; and participated in several working groups that supported European institutions activity. Moreover, Alexandra is experienced in other international fora: she was the Portuguese representative in the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, and participated in NATO pilot studies.

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starup_0008_Helder Cruz.jpg

Helder Cruz email

Short CV

Helder Cruz has a 5- year degree in Applied Chemistry (branch of Biotechnology) from FCT-UNL, an MBA in International Businesses from Univ Católica Portuguesa and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from ITQB-UNL. After getting the PhD degree, the applicant had several activities (some in parallel):

- Post-doc at the GLP Lab at IBET in the development of cell-based assays;

- Senior researcher started at Biosensors Lab from ITQB-UNL; has authored several publications as well as co-supervised master and PhD students;

- Consultant for biopharmaceutical companies (US, EU and PT). He was member of a Board of Directors and of Scientific Advisory Boards;

- Invited professor of Bioengineering for a MSc Program (ESSCVP, Lisbon) and of Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular and Cellular Biology (UnI, Lisbon);

- Co-founder & CEO of ECBio S.A.;

- Currently evaluator and reviewer of research projects financed by the European Commission;

- Currently Co-founder & CEO of Theraproteins Lda. and BioPharma Consultant.

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Susana Filipe email

Short CV
Susana Filipe has 18 years professional experience in Biotech and Biopharma start-ups and companies, namely within the Oncology therapeutic area. Currently, as Project Manager – Biopharmaceuticals at Pharmis Biofarmacêutica, she has the responsibility for the creation and development of a new business unit – biological medicines, design and management of R&D projects, including funding opportunities; is responsible for finding and establish collaborations with the appropriate institutional partners and gives support to the management team regarding product and clinical development. Occasionally she is also involved in the elaboration of Business/Marketing plans for the launch of new pharmaceutical products. Academically she holds a Ph. D. in Biochemistry and a Master in Pharmaceutical Industry and has taken courses in Project Management and Medical Marketing/Medical Affairs.

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Ana Cadete email

Short CV
Ana takes the role as a Formulation Scientist in the Delivery Sciences Group at Moderna, a biotech company focused in the development of mRNA therapies to create a new generation of medicines for patients. Ana is responsible for the design and formulation of nanocarriers to delivery mRNA in the body. Previously, Ana was a postdoctoral researcher in the Langer Lab (Koch Institute, MIT) in collaboration with Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals, working in a project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to target tuberculosis. During this year, Ana developed an interest in the innovation and entrepreneurship side of science. She took the MIT i-teams course, a “think out of the box” program leaded by Luis Perez Breva, and the BiomedStartup, a two-week program focused in taking further biomedical research that impact patient’s life. Ana’s doctoral work was a joint doctorate Erasmus Mundus Program – NANOFAR – at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and University of Angers, France. During her PhD studies, she was an intern at Bind Therapeutics, in Cambridge, MA. Before, she worked in the R&D department of Sylentis, an siRNA company based in Madrid, Spain. She is also the executive director of the International Mentor Program, where she leads a team of Portuguese mentors working abroad and connect them with Portuguese students. She believes mentoring is a powerful tool to give value back to her country.

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