Frequently Asked Questions


The StartUp Research program is ignited by new ideas, new technologies, and/or new know-hows.

The participation of attendees with Innovative ideas will be encouraged. The StartUp Research program will evolve around participant’s ideas through teamwork. Teams of 3-4 elements, including NOVA SBE's MBA students, will be formed around ideas fed by participants.

“How does the program value my idea?”

By bringing your own idea to the course, you’ll take maximum advantage of this learning experience. Your idea is valued during the student selection process.

Ideas are generically exposed in the Motivation Letter which is worth 60% of the overall student admission evaluation.

Proposing ideas increases the chances for winning one of the available Attendance Scholarships - see Applications & Admission for more information.

“Can I integrate the program without an idea?”

Yes. Only 1 idea per group will be developed in each StartUp Research edition, meaning between 5 to 8 ideas in total. The best consensual ideas will be chosen and groups formed according to students’ affinities and areas of interest. Students without an idea will be integrated in one of the teams.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

“Is the StartUp Research IP-Blocked?”

Yes. We take IP issues very seriously. At the very beginning of the course, before idea and/or technology details are disclosed, a Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Declaration is signed by all students and staff, recognizing the ownership of the idea/technology to the student/ PI/ institution from where it was originated.

StartUp Research Follow-ups

“Is there any further follow-up or mentoring after the course is finished?"

Yes. The StartUp Research is a community, and the mentors will be available for further support. Furthermore, each year the students of the previous editions are welcome to join the new edition of the course, either to attend new features or repeat sections that they think are useful to improve their skills or to bring their projects to another translational level.


"How and when do I apply for a scholarship? Will the scholarship be awarded before paying the tuition fee?"

You apply for the scholarship immediately with your application. Name the scholarship you want and make it clear that you are applying for that scholarship in your motivation letter. If the scholarship is awarded to you, the value of the scholarship will be immediately discounted from your due tuition fee at the time of registration.

"Can I apply for more than one scholarship?"

Yes. If you are not sure which scholarship is the best choice for you, you can apply for more than one scholarship in your motivation letter, and leave it to us to decide which one is the best fit for you.