General information

The StartUp Research is a Post-Graduation course designed for scientists by ITQB NOVA & NOVA SBE.


Organizing committee

Miguel Santos, ITQB NOVA (coordinator)

Aníbal Lopez, NOVA SBE

Cristina Silva Pereira, ITQB NOVA

Miguel Muñoz Duarte, NOVA SBE



The Startup Research Program will be held at ITQB NOVA (Oeiras) and NOVA SBE (Carcavelos).



The Program is open to researchers with more than 2 years of lab work. Read more in Applications and Admission


Duration and ECTS

The course will have 160 hours and will attribute a total of 8 ECTS: 4 ITQB NOVA ECTS and 4 NOVA SBE ECTS.



The Program will run for 13 consecutive weeks, FIRST EDITION STARTING JANUARY 12th 2019, with 9h/week in classroom sessions.

  • Fridays, 14h00-19h00
  • Saturdays, 9h00-13h00


Student evaluation

Students will be evaluated according to the following, comprehending 3 Assignments:

A. Assignment 1 - Project plan and presentation (Individual, 25% of the final grade). Due in the first Session of Module 2. Students will choose the R&D project to be developed into a business case. They will apply the knowledge and tools obtained in Module 1 to present a project plan and sell a project idea, according to Project Management and Idea presentation best practices,

B. Assignment 2 - Business case (Team, 25% of the final grade). Due at the end of Module 3. A business case document of the selected R&D project will be handed in, supported by the knowledge and coaching obtained in Module 2 and Module 3.

C. Assignment 3 - Final pitch (Team, 35% of the final grade). Performed at the Final Pitch Presentation Session, according to the pitching best practices learnt in Module 3

D. Participation, team work and demonstration of individual soft skills, leadership and independent thinking qualities (Individual, 15% of the final grade). Evaluated throughout the Program.