The StartUp Research is a Post-Graduation course designed for scientists by ITQB NOVA & NOVA SBE.


Organizing Committee

Miguel Santos, ITQB NOVA

Cristina Silva Pereira, ITQB NOVA

Sara Ehsani Majd, ITQB NOVA

Aníbal López, NOVA SBE

Teresa Mannenbach, NOVA SBE



The Startup Research Program will be held at ITQB NOVA (Oeiras), NOVA SBE (Carcavelos) and online.



The Program is open to all researchers and science managers, preferably with more than 1 year of lab work experience. Read more in Applications & Admission.

The course will be held in English.


Duration and ECTS

The course will have 160 hours and will attribute a total of 8 ECTS: 4 ITQB NOVA ECTS and 4 NOVA SBE ECTS.