Student Evaluation

The StartUp Research Student evaluation is Qualitative, based on a final “Approved” / “Non-Approved” system, complemented by a Structured Feed-back Sheet which will be handed in to the students after the Final Pitch & Graduation session.

Global evaluation will be based on the following:

Assignment 1 (25% weight for the final student assessment) - Project plan and presentation - Due in the first Session of Module 2. Students choose a R&D project to be developed into a business case. They will apply the knowledge and project management skills acquired during Module 1 to present a project plan supporting the necessary steps to increment their Technology Readiness Level (TRL) by two levels.

  • Deliverables: 12-minute project presentation and a 10-page document containing the description of the innovation project and management plan;

Assignment 2 (25% weight for the final student assessment) - Business case - Due at the end of Module 3A business case document of the selected R&D project will be handed in, supported by the knowledge and coaching obtained in Module 2 and Module 3.

  • Deliverables: The business case document will consist of:
  1. An Executive summary;
  2. The slide deck of the final pitch (with the backup slides);
  3. A Business Model Canvas representing the Business Model;

Assignment 3 (35% weight for the final student assessment) - Final Pitch - Performed at the Final Pitch Presentation session, according to the pitching best practices learnt in Module 3.

Global Student Participation (15% weight for the final student assessment) - Pro-active participation, team work, demonstration of acquisition of individual soft skills and independent thinking qualities will be continuously evaluated.