The StartUp Research Program comprehends:

1. Opening Bootcamp with the objective of welcoming students, introducing the course, and forming working teams. Each team will develop one project.

2. Three Complementary Modules

This module will be coordinated by ITQB NOVA and its contents will cover models of value creation across the different Colours of Biotech.  The concept of Open Innovation shall be presented and soft and hard skills, e.g., Creativity, Body Language, Career Self-Awareness, Idea Communication to General Audience, and Project Management will also be developed.

This module will be coordinated by NOVA SBE and will be intertwined with Module 3. Its contents will cover all basic Business Aspects from the idea to implementation. Soft skills such as Leadership and Emotional Intelligence will be developed.

This module will be coordinated by NOVA SBE and ITQB NOVA. Within Module 3, working groups will have the opportunity to closely interact with Mentors from different backgrounds to generate a business case. Soft skills such as Pitching will be developed.

3. Final Pitch Session

In the Final Pitch Session, groups will pitch their projects to an open audience consisting of Academics, Industry Players, Accelerating Program representatives, and Investment representatives.

At the end, Graduation certificates will be awarded to students.