Module 2

Business Concepts



To provide students with business concepts, insights and tools, namely:

  1. Management a-to-z & Business Strategy
  2. Market Analysis & insights
  3. Business Model Design & Innovation
  4. Customer Development
  5. Marketing, Sales & Growth
  6. Venture finances
  7. Entrepreneurship development
  8. Entrepreneurial Soft skills: Leadership & Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Pitching & Fund Raising.


In the end, students should be able to

  1. Understand the several dimensions of a business model and business structure.
  2. Conceive a business strategy and business model by generating a value proposition according to a specific market need/ opportunity.
  3. Quantitatively evaluate the value of a project.
  4. Understand what is a business corporation: obligations and advantages of creating a Spin-Off/ Start-Up company.
  5. Better exert leadership and manage corporate relationships.