Module 1

Innovation in Biotech



  1. To define Innovation according to the OECD Oslo Manual, Eurostat/OCDE, 2005, and to analyze how the proposed organization complies with an Open Innovation model and a Front-End view, versus more closed and conservative models.
  2. To analyze the models for value creation from research, both in the academia and industry, and to critically approach some value cycling models to generate financial sustainability.
  3. To show that promoting Innovation and disseminating new knowledge can be compatible, provided that Purple Technology issues, related to intellectual property types and protection are understood and managed professionally.
  4. To cover the several types of value propositions across other colours of Biotechnology which are most relevant to ITQB NOVA activities, and where Innovation is making a difference in our daily lives: White & Grey Biotech, Red Biotech, Green & Yellow Biotech, and Contract Research. Value propositions will include both, product and service business models.
  5. To provide soft skill training, encompassing a Creativity Challenge, Body Language, Career Self-Assessment, and Written Communicational skills, as well as training in professional Project Management, a decisive tool for the Open and Front-End Innovation approach.


In the end, students should be able to

  1. Apply Innovation mind sets and organizational tools to their R&D activities: be further aware of social unmet needs and face opportunities with a higher sense of creativity.
  2. Be more alert for the value of R&D results and understand the value of IP.
  3. Be better suited to establish collaborations with industry given their deeper knowledge of industry needs for value creation.
  4. Apply managerial skills more professionally.
  5. Write and present more successful R&D proposals.
  6. Be more objective and decisive about own career prospects: improve awareness of self aptitudes and improve employability assets.