Alexandra Veiga
(Research Manager at Nova SBE)



Teresa Mannebach - Mentor
(Mentor and Advisor at the Knowledge Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Venture Lab, NOVA SBE)

Customer Development Model – Practical BMC

Pitch Workshop


Aníbal López - Mentor
(Mentor and Advisor at the Knowledge Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Venture Lab, NOVA SBE)

Introduction to Business Model Design - Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Customer Segment & Value Proposition & Validation

Pitch Workshop

Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership.

startup__0004_Duarte Oliveira.jpg

Duarte Oliveira - Mentor
(Former KAM Strategic Project Manager, Public Affairs & Market Access Department, Novartis, Portugal)

Market/Industry Research (M3/DAY 1)

starup_0008_Helder Cruz.jpg

Helder Cruz - Mentor
(Co-founder & CEO of Theraproteins Lda. and BioPharma Consultant)

Business Model Canvas (M3/DAY 2)


Miguel Santos - Mentor
(Invited Principal Investigator, StartUp Research Coordinator, ITQB NOVA)

Customer Relationships & Distribution Channels (M3/DAY 4)
Pitching (M3/DAY 7 & 8)


Susana Filipe
(Project Manager – Biopharmaceuticals at Pharmis Biofarmacêutica)

(M3/DAY 6)



Luís Morgado - Mentor

Concept & Branding - Image/Logo/Message (M3/DAY 6)



Sofia Carlton .jpg

Sofia Carlton - IMP Mentor

Sofia Carlton is a Scientific Strategy Scientist in the Innovation and Technology Group at Evelo Biosciences, a Cambridge, MA clinical-stage biotechnology company developing monoclonal microbials to engage immune cells in the small intestine and drive changes in systemic biology. She focuses on exploring new disease areas and building minimum viable datasets to help expand Evelo's pre-clinical programs. Prior to joining Evelo, Sofia completed her PhD in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, while conducting the entire research work for her PhD at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and Harvard Medical School, as a visiting PhD student. While at DFCI and Harvard, Sofia developed a strong interest for entrepreneurship and the life sciences industry. She lead the Healthcare Innovation and Commercialization course at Harvard Medical School for 4 years, bringing in 100+ students a year and renowned speakers. During her PhD, Sofia also interned at Raquia, an early stage startup company spun out of DFCI, as part of the Harvard Biotech Incubator (HBI), gaining experience in due diligence, technology assessment, competitive landscaping, developing TPPs, and presenting to potential investors.

Ana Cadete.jpg

Ana Cadete - IMP Mentor

Ana takes the role as a Formulation Scientist in the Delivery Sciences Group at Moderna, a biotech company focused in the development of mRNA therapies to create a new generation of medicines for patients. Ana is responsible for the design and formulation of nanocarriers to delivery mRNA in the body. Previously, Ana was a postdoctoral researcher in the Langer Lab (Koch Institute, MIT) in collaboration with Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals, working in a project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to target tuberculosis. During this year, Ana developed an interest in the innovation and entrepreneurship side of science. She took the MIT i-teams course, a “think out of the box” program leaded by Luis Perez Breva, and the BiomedStartup, a two-week program focused in taking further biomedical research that impact patient’s life. Ana’s doctoral work was a joint doctorate Erasmus Mundus Program – NANOFAR – at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and University of Angers, France. During her PhD studies, she was an intern at Bind Therapeutics, in Cambridge, MA. Before, she worked in the R&D department of Sylentis, an siRNA company based in Madrid, Spain. She is also the executive director of the International Mentor Program, where she leads a team of Portuguese mentors working abroad and connect them with Portuguese students. She believes mentoring is a powerful tool to give value back to her country.