Innovation is the process of generating value by satisfying an unmet need, by a process that employs problem definition, knowledge and creativity.    

Innovation is critical to improve peoples’ lives and societal development. In the case of Life Sciences, this may take the form of new or improved medicines, more efficient and sustainable energy resources, or new technological solutions to protect our environment and safeguard our citizens.

Despite the longstanding recognition that an inter-disciplinary approach to innovation is needed to translate knowledge into effective products or services, there are still very important bridging snags between the scientific community and commercial actors.

The StartUp Research Program is an international and truly inter-disciplinary Post-Graduation course brought together by scientists and entrepreneurs from a recognized scientific research institution, ITQB NOVA, and one of the most modern and best-preforming European business schools - NOVA SBE.

The aim of the Program is to help closing the communication gap between scientists and business stakeholders by providing researchers with the social awareness and business skills required to actively promote the translation of their technologies into innovative amenities.

The StartUp Research Mission is two-fold:

  • To endow Life Science researchers with an Innovation mindset, tailoring their profile to become effectual actors in intertwined relationships between academia and industry; and

  • To build upon the translational value of the research performed in R&D clusters to promote their social impact and sustainability.