Miguel Bento

“Bring an open mind to a different way of doing things and the will to work on it, and you will see that you can be innovative. After this course, I am working on a business idea that is a spin-off from my fundamental scientific research, a work that I thought had no future.”



Roberta Zoppi

“I am convinced that every scientist should apply for this course. The great environment helps you to enhance your communication skills and gives you the tools to translate science into business language. I believe the future is interdisciplinary!”



Catarina Nabais

“The 1st edition of the StartUp Research Program was a deeply enriching journey! Arriving into this Post-graduation with a strong background in basic research, I encountered a new mindset and discovered tools to unravel the immense translational potential behind basic science. I learned how to generate value from great ideas, developing a business model for a Start-Up, and dealing with the obstacles faced while trying to bring into the market (and give back to society!), the incredible resources, science is continuously producing. I thank ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE for putting together this fantastic program, and highly recommend it to researchers in Life-Sciences!”



Ana Filipa Martins

“The StartUp Research Program showed me the importance of making my idea understandable to different people from different professional backgrounds and gave me the ability to perceive my own project from multiple perspectives and consequently understand it better.”



André Folgado

“The StartUp research has shown me how the same idea can be seen from multiple angles and take various forms. It helped me to realize and expand the space of opportunity of the idea.”




Isabel Martins

“I have a really positive feeling about this course; the expectations that I had were overcome (and they were high from the beginning!). I was able to broaden the perspective of the science that I am doing, identify the next steps to keep progressing, and learn new tools to improve my everyday life (scientific or not). I particularly enjoyed that I could take someone to work with me during the development of the entire project, I think that this really made a difference.”