2020_0000_Sara Carvalhal Bandarra.jpg

Sara Carvalhal

This post-graduation is very well-designed and compiles what goes on behind the idea of how to transform our science into new ventures. The StartUp Research is an eye-opening experience recommended not only to scientists that want to endeavour entrepreneurship but also to the ones following a more traditional academic career path.

2020_0003_Lia Correia.jpg

Lia Correia

As a nutritionist this course was very useful, surprising, and refreshing. Because of the StartUp Research Post-Graduation, I discovered my new long-term mission: work hard enough to turn my project into a reality. I could not thank ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE enough for everything they taught me: from communication skills, resilience, and adaptability to all the business background I didn't know I needed.

2020_0001_Renato Domingos.jpg

Renato M. Domingos

Participating in the second edition of the StartUp Research was deeply enriching. It was a breath of fresh air in terms of leaving the so restricted, focused, and technical life we as researchers frequently have. Being out of our comfort zone and getting to know new tools and techniques to validate the real impact that our ideas can have in society, are great reasons to participate in this course. Plus, most of the speakers have incredible and non-orthodox stories, I loved to listen to them!

2020_0002_Mara Sofia Guerreiro.jpg

Mara Pereira Guerreiro

The StartUp Research Program was a great opportunity to foster my understanding on how research and innovation can reach the market. A strong point was the wide-range of topics organised into a coherent learning journey. Lecturers had a diversity of backgrounds and disciplines, from which I drew inspiration. The Organising Committee showed a lot of commitment throughout the course, which encouraged me to do my best. Teamwork was another great asset. I recommend StartUp Research to any scientist wanting to make an impactful contribution to people's lives. Challenging and energising!

2020_0004_Cláudia Isabel Lopes.jpg

Cláudia Lopes

The StartUp research was a wonderful opportunity to better understand how fundamental research can be applied to potential business and its importance for our society. The whole experience was surrounded by a fantastic environment and broad expertise from different fields of biotechnology and economics. It is a post-graduation that I strongly recommend to everyone in science.


Patrícia Fernandes

This post-graduation gave me tools to understand how my research can be valuable outside the laboratory environment and I learned that a single idea can have different successful perspectives. We had several opportunities to talk with successful people from several business areas, and the classes were always very dynamic and with a great environment. The constant challenges forced me to get out of my comfort zone, enhancing my entrepreneurship and soft skills. I strongly believe that every scientist should take this course.