Final Pitch & Graduation Session

2019 Edition

Friday April 12th ITQB NOVA Auditorium


9h:30-10:00 - Opening remarks: Claudio Soares (ITQB NOVA Dean) & Miguel Munoz Duarte (StartUp Research Co-Founder and NOVA SBE Dean Representative)

10h:00-10h:30 – Pedro Patacho, City Councilor for Education, Sports, Libraries, Documentation and Information (Câmara Municipal de Oeiras) - Science and Innovation in Oeiras. The role of local government.

10h:30 - Welcome and Session Outline by Miguel Santos

10h:45 -11h:30 – Invited speaker: Cristina Gouveia –Agência Nacional de Inovação. Opportunities for SMEs in Horizon 2020 and Beyond

11:30 – 11:45 Small break

Morning Pitch Session

11h:45-12h:00 – Presentation of each of the 3 members of the Morning Feedback table:

Duarte Mineiro – Armilar Ventures

João Ventura- Hovione Capital

Joana Branco – Biocant Innovation Manager

12h:00 – 13h:00

Pitch 1 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Roberta Zoppi – BioHeat90

Pitch 2 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – André Folgado - CardoonSelect

Pitch 3 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Ana Filipa Martins  - miRHeart Therapeutics

(Networking) Lunch Break at ITQB

14h:15 – Afternoon Welcome and Session Outline by Aníbal Lopez/ Teresa Moana Mannebach

Afternoon Pitch Session

14h:15-14h:30 – Presentation of each of the 3 members of the Afternoon Feedback table:

Miguel Botto – Portugal Ventures

Helena Reis – Across Science

Diogo Ribeiro dos Santos – Independent fund raiser, Prof. Finance AESE Business School

14h:30 – 15h:15

Pitch 4 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Miguel Bento – Green Joining

Pitch 5 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Vasco Barreto - DiYab

15h:15 – 16h:00(via WWW) – Invited speaker: On-Line Chat with Luis Perez-Breva, Author of Innovating: A Doer's Manifesto for Starting from a Hunch, Prototyping Problems, Scaling Up, and Learning to Be Productively Wrong. Miguel Santos and Luis Perez-Breva; Q/A

16h:15 – 17:00

Pitch 6 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Isabel Martins & Joana Pais - MycoBuckler

Pitch 7 (7 min + 10min Q/A from table) – Ermelinda Maçôas & Catarina Nabais - Cbright

17h:00 – 17h:15 – Premium Sponsor Talk – The relevance of a program like the StartUp Research for the Innovation Strategy in the Pharma sector- Dr. António Barbosa, Pharmis CEO

17h:15- 17h:30 – Graduation – Graduation Diploma/Certificate delivery to participants by Dr. António Barbosa and Doctor Prof. Isabel Rocha (NOVA Pro-Rector for Innovation).

17:30 – Closing remarks by Isabel Rocha


Invited Speakers

Cristina Gouveia

Cristina Gouveia.jpg

Cristina has a track record of launching and developing tech-based entrepreneurship projects. With a PhD in Environmental Engineering, from the New University of Lisbon, she has worked in YDreams, a technological Start-Up. Cristina has an insider view of both the academic and corporate worlds.

Cristina currently works at Agência Nacional de Inovação as grant advisor for technology-based innovation projects led by SMEs and Research Centres. Cristina knows the ins and outs of the National and International Technology Innovation System and will tell us about funding opportunities for translational research, namely in the context of the European Innovation Council.


Luis Perez-Breva

Luis Perez Breva FOTO.jpg

Luis’ innovating story began making AI work where it isn’t supposed to. When we pick up a few things helping machines acquire intelligence: there’s nothing intuitive to the world we’ve built; like humans, computers struggle with mindsets borne of centuries of laborious understanding powered by pencil and paper. Kids however, go about with unrestrained spirit of inquiry and untold aptitude for frustration—curiosity and tantrums. By the time education tames us, we have formulas, recipes, coping strategies—none of which makes for a particularly intelligent computer.

The same with innovation: recipes abound that conflate innovation and what to do with one; you’re expected to recognize innovation at sight. It never happens. Innovating takes learning and doing.

Luis’ masterpiece, Innovating: A Doer’s Manifesto for Starting from a Hunch, Prototyping Problems, Scaling Up, and Learning to Be Productively Wrong (MIT Press, January 2017) is his guide. It draws from mindsets and principles from science, engineering, AI, game theory, management, economics, and behavioural science, but requires no technical knowledge. It is written so you may begin innovating with what you already have; all you need is a hunch. You can keep waiting for an earth-shattering idea, or you can start right away.

Luis’ goal is to restore that spirit of inquiry; get us talking about daring to venture into the impossible and solving real-world problems, not just “innovation.”

Today, Luis is an educator and researcher at MIT, advising organizations on AI and Innovating. Like us “scientists”, Luis is an explorer, still not knowing what comes next.