Welcoming message

We have developed this program especially for young researchers enthusiastic about science, new ideas and discoveries, who would like to bridge their knowledge towards products and services that could benefit us all.

We know it is not easy to imagine a “business idea” around science when one has been trained to perform fundamental research, but that is where this course can make a difference. The StartUp Research Program brings together the best venture experts from NOVA SBE and ground breaking scientists from ITQB NOVA, to train young researchers to recognize a good business opportunity when it emerges within the lab environment.

After this 3-month intensive training, Molecular Bioscience researchers are expected to become more alert to Innovation, and therefore further willing to explore sustainable translational opportunities.

You are at the frontline of knowledge creation and we wish to see you generating value from it for the benefit of society.

Hoping to personally welcome you to the program soon,

Cláudio M. Soares