Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET 060, ERA-MBT/0003/2014: Discovery and training of microbial biocatalysts for biomass conversion using moving bed technology (MicroMBT)

Cooperação cientifica e tecnológica FCT/DAAD: Caracterização de citocromos multihemicos usando RMN e cristalografia de raios-X como metodos complementares

FCT (PTDC/BBB-BQB/4178/2014): The difference a cell wall makes: optimization of bioelectrochemical systems by exploring the paradigm of extracellular electron transfer in Gram-positive bacteria

FCT (PTDC/BBB-BQB/3554/2014): The way forward: optimization of respiratory electron transfer chains toward sustainable microbial electricity production

Interreg IV B
 : TRANSBIO SUDOE: Transnational Biocluster of South Western Europe

COST-Action CM1003 : Biological oxidation reactions-mechanisms and design of new catalysts
FCT (PTDC/BIA-PRO/117523/2010): Redox necklaces: functional characterization of a multidomain polyheme cytochrome 
FCT (PTDC/BIA-PRO/117523/2010): Molecular mechanisms that orchestrate a two-electron reduction step coupled with protonation in redox enzymes that contain chains of single electron redox co-factors 
FCT (PTDC/BIA-PRO/098158/2008): Mind the gap: How extracellular respiration is linked across the periplasmic space to the cytoplasmic oxidation of substrates. A key step in bioenergy harvesting                                                            
MIT Portugal Programme (MIT-Pt/BS-BB/0014/2008): Structural and functional study of the proteins mediating electron transfer between microorganisms and solid substrates with relevance for bio-energy production 
Instituto do Ambiente / ITQB-UNL: Protocolo de cooperação Técnica-Científica entre o Instituto do Ambiente e o ITQB-UNL 
FCT (POCTI/BIO/58652/2004): Characterization of the sulfur and metal repiratory chains in an organism identified for use of bioremediation 
FCT (POCTI/BIA-PRO/58722/2004): Characterization of CymA: a key protein in the anaerobic respiration of Shewanella 
FCT (POCTI/QUI/55690/2004): Characterization of a membrane bound cytochrome involved in the anaerobic respiration in Sulfate Reducing Bacteria  
CRUP / British Council: Characterization of an energy transducing protein: Probing the coupling between electrons and protons in cytochrome c3 by fast scan voltammetry
SAPIENS (POCTI/1999/BIO/35699): Cytochrome c7: a haem protein with sulfur reductase activity