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[SCAN] Nanopore experiments for everyone! | James Yates

James Yates, Single Molecule Processes, ITQB NOVA

When 05 Jul, 2017 from
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Where Auditorium
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Title: Nanopore experiments for everyone! 

Speaker: James Yates

Affiliation: Single Molecule Processes, ITQB NOVA


Single-molecule techniques are revolutionising analytical chemistry methods. By observing one particle at a time, the specific dynamics of populations can be revealed, and the averaging of signals from many particles, typical of bulk analysis techniques, is avoided. Nanopores have emerged as excellent sensors for the label-free analysis of single molecules. Nanopore-based methods can be used to characterise the size and aggregation of particles and are particularly useful for studying heterogeneity and outliers within a population. Nanopore applications are expanding, helped by the fact that biological nanopores can be engineered to improve their suitability for a particular application, and due to the recent advances in nanofabrication techniques used to fabricate solid-state nanopores.

In this talk I will (briefly) discuss our earlier work using biological nanopores to characterise gold core nanoparticles. I will then describe the recent advances that we have made in the fabrication of solid state nanopores and the setting up of experiments. I hope to convince you that adding nanopore-based analysis to your workflow is now a viable and exciting option. Bring me your molecules and particles!




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