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National Projects

Ongoing National Funded Projects

ERAdicatPH: Understanding primary hyperoxaluria type 1 towards the development of innovative therapeutic strategies

2016-2019, E-Rare3/0002/2015, funded by FCT, Portugal

Therapeutic Targets for Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Development of mono and bispecific antibodies against Notch1 ligands

2016-2019, PTDC/BBB-BMD/4497/2014, funded by FCT, Portugal

NETDIAMOND: New targets in diastolic heart failure: from comorbidities to personalized medicine

2016-2019, POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016385

CardioRegen: Integrative studies from the embryo to Scalable Multipronged Generation of hESC-derived Myocardial progenitors for heart repair
2015-2019, HMSP-ICT/0039/2013, HMS program, funded by FCT, Portugal

CardioStem: Engineered cardiac tissues and stem cell-based therapies for cardiovascular applications

2014-2017, MIT-TB/ECE/0013/2013, funded by FCT, Portugal

Concluded National Funded Projects

Development of function blocking antibodies using Phage Display Technology: Inhibiton of the Notch1 signaling pathway by function blocking anti-jagged 1 antibody
2012-2016, PTDC/SAU-ONC/121670/2010, funded by FCT, Portugal

MSVida: The architecture of life - Probing the quaternary structure of virus capsids by native mass spectrometry

2012-2016, RECI/BBB-BEP/0104/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal

Establishment of a flexible insect cell platform for fast production of pseudo-typed VLPs for drug and vaccine development
2014-2015, EXPL/BBB-BIO/1541/2013, funded by FCT, Portugal

Molecular approaches to develop an insect cell production system for Hepatitis C vaccine candidate
2014-2015, EXPL/BBB-BIO/1129/2013, funded by FCT, Portugal

Development of a scalable strategy for stem cells purification
2013-2014, EXPL/BBB-EBI/1003/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Systems biotechnology for improved production of biopharmaceuticals in animal cells
2013-2015, PTDC/BBB-BSS/0518/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Combining siRNA and AAV therapy approaches to target human basal-like breast cancer: from vector development to anti-tumor efficacy evaluation
2013-2015, PTDC/BBB-BIO/1240/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Integrative approaches to depict human cardiac stem cell receptome and its role in the cardiac regenerative process
2013-2015, PTDC/BBB-BIO/1414/2012, funded by FCT, Portugal.

A novel generation of packaging cell lines for the manufacture of lentivirus based biopharmaceuticals
2012-2015, PTDC/EBB-BIO/118615/2010, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Development of improved suspension MDCK cell lines for the production of viral based bioproducts: manufacturing Influenza and Adenovirus
2012-2015, PTDC/EBB-EBI/118621/2010, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Human central nervous system in vitro models for preclinical research: new tools for studying viral vector-mediated gene
2012-2015, PTDC/EBB-BIO/119243/2010, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Probing adenovirus-host cell interactions: a systems biotechnology approach to improve production of gene delivery vectors
2012-2015, PTDC/EBB-BIO/119501/2010, funded by FCT, Portugal.

3D in vitro models for reducing animal experimentation in pharmaceutical development: integrative approaches for prediction of hepatic drug metabolism and neurotoxicity
2011-2014, PTDC/EBB-BIO/112786/2009, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Preconditioning triggered by Carbon monoxide: new strategies to prevent brain damage due to hypoxia-ischemia and reperfusion
2010-2012, PTDC/SAU-NEU/098747/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

2D fluorometry: a powerful tool to improve mammalian cell process development
2010-2012, PTDC/EBB-EBI/102750/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Novel Cell Factories for the production of secreted complex bioproducts: a syntetic biology approach for improved product Stoichiometries
2010-2012, PTDC/EBB-EBI/102266/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

BACULOME-Engineering cellular energetics for improvement of bioprocesses: metabolic modeling for enhanced vaccines production
2010-2012, PTDC/EBB-EBI/103359/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Retroviral like particles: improving potential as candidate vaccines for Hepatitis C
2010-2012, PTDC/EBB-BIO/102649/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Using functional genomics to improve mammalian cells for virus based biopharmaceuticals manufacture
2010-2012, PTDC/EBB-BIO/100491/2008, funded by FCT, Portugal.

Integrated strategies for expansion, neuronal differentiation and cryopreservation of human embryonic stem cells
2009-2012, funded by FCT (PTDC/BIO/72755/2006)

Fundamentals of downstream processing of enveloped viruses: towards an integration of purification processes
2007-2010, funded by FCT (PTDC/EQU-EQU/71645/2006)

Manufacturing canine adenovirus vectors for gene therapy: development of MDCK CAV-2E1- transcomplementing cell lines
2007-2010, funded by FCT (PTDC/BIO/69452/2006)

Development of flexible cell lines for the Production of Retrovirus and Lentivirus for Gene Therapy
2007-2010, funded by FCT (PTDC/BIO/69451/2006)

Novel stroke model for neuroprotective research: bioreaction of primary brain cell aggregates
2007-2010, funded by FCT (PTDC/BIO/69407/2006)

Carbon monoxide as a neuroprotective agent against hypoxia-ischemia and reperfusion
2007-2010, funded by FCT, Portugal (PTDC/SAU-NEU/64327/2006)

Advanced Control of BHK Cultivation Processes Based on Intracellular Metabolic Fluxes
2005-2007, funded by FCT, Portugal (POCI/BIO/57927/2004)

THERAVECT - Production, Purification and Storage of Retroviral Vectors Produced by Modular Master Producer Cells
2005-2007, funded by FCT, Portugal (010.6/A003/2005)

CELL CRYOTHERA - Cell Cryopreservation for Therapy and Regenerative Medicine
2005-2007, funded by FCT, Portugal (010.6/A006/2005)

Genetics, Stoicheometry and Kinetics of Multiple Protein Assembly: the case for a Rotavirus Like Particle
2005-2007, funded by FCT (POCTI/BIO/55975/2004)

Integrated strategy for the production, purification and storage of adenovirus
2004-2006, funded by FCT, Portugal (POCTI/BIO/46515/2002)

Metabolic Trafficking between neurons and astrocytes under stress conditions implicated in neurological disorders
2003-2006, funded by FCT, Portugal (POCTI/BIO/39214/2001)

Stabilization of retroviruses for gene therapy clinical applications
2001-2003, funded by FCT, Portugal (POCTI/BIO/35695/2000)

Cell cycle control for better biotechnological methods in therapeutic protein production
2001-2003, funded by FCT, Portugal (POCTI/BIO/35687/2000)


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