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3rd Workshop European Network on Viral Vaccine Processes

25 – 26 November, 2013 in DECHEMA-HAUS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Process challenges for Viral Vaccines and Gene Therapy


This 3rd meeting of the ENVVP will further push this discussion forum on process needs for Viral Vaccines and Viral Gene Therapy Vectors.

The 2nd meeting focused on both human and veterinary applications, as dose cost constraints yield different processes in these applications. As an outcome of the meeting goals for process improvement in the coming years were identified as well as challenges for industry and research at academic institutions.

This next meeting will create a flux of knowledge and information regarding viral vector- based applications in Gene Therapy (where finally one product was approved in 2012) and viral vaccine manufacturing, whereas quality controls for mostly labile viruses that have to be infectious in Gene Therapy create more demanding requirements. The "cross talk" amongst practitioners should permit the identification of future trends for R&D based on clearly identified challenges.

On top of a few keynote speakers already identified, we are inviting presentations that should be more than "descriptive" of what is already available. They are challenged to identify the challenges, bottlenecks, and new in process tools or analytics, eventually usable for process monitoring and control; in a word " prospective" – thus leading to lively discussion as in previous years.

Prospective/conceptual presentations may cover more basic aspects, as virus-host cell interactions of relevance for process as well as up and downstream processing and process integration approaches and concepts.

Please submit a 1- page abstract online

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers in case you have additional questions:

Manuel Carrondo : Tel.: + 351 21 4469362; or Stefan Kochanek : Tel.: + 49 731 500 46103.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt in November 2013.


The Organizers,

Manuel Carrondo

Professor of Chemical and Biochemical

Engineering, FCT- UNL

Director, iBET



Stefan Kochanek

Professor of Genetics

Director Department of Gene Therapy

University Hospital Ulm


For more information please visit us at:



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