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TSF Mundo Novo interviews researcher Joana Lamego about the Adped Project

Adped project – development of in vitro advanced platforms for oral drug screening and for the monitoring of their absorption in the intestine.

Understanding how drugs taken orally are absorbed in the intestine and reach their therapeutic targets is essential to determine the effectiveness of a drug. Adped is developing an in-vitro platform for the screening of oral drugs that better mimics what happens when drugs cross the intestine and reach the blood. With Adped’s platform, it will be possible to achieve improved results in the early drug development stages, not only by detecting earlier drugs that would fail at later stages of the drug development pipeline, generating avoidable costs, but also by allowing to unravel potential candidate drugs previously wrongly disregarded. In addition to savings in the order of the millions of dollars, Adped may also help customers overcome the problem of falling patents in branded drugs.

The team composed by ITQB and iBET researchers Joana Lamego, Bárbara Cunha, Fábio Silva and Ana Sofia Coroadinha participated in the 2012 COHiTEC entrepreneurship program organised by COTEC, Portugal, in partnership with North Carolina State University HiTEC Centre, USA; Brown University, USA; EGP (University of Porto Business School) and ISCTE (University Institute of Lisbon); with the support of FLAD (Luso-American Development Foundation).

The complete interview given by researcher Joana Lamego to Mundo Novo - TSF is available online here

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