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Prizes in Conferences

3rd Poster Prize

A modular strategy for multi-HA influenza VLPs production: combining stable and baculovirus-mediated expresssion in insect cells

Daniela P. Sequeira, Ricardo C. Correia, Manuel JT. Carrondo, Antonio Roldao, Ana P. Teixeira, Paula M. Alves

25th ESACT Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, 14-17 May 2017


Best Poster Snapshot 

Expansion of 3D human induced pluripotent stem cell aggregates in bioreactors: bioprocess intensification and scaling-up approaches

Bernardo Abecasis, Tiago Aguiar, Émilie Arnault, Rita Costa, Patricia Gomes-Alves, Anders Aspegren, Margarida Serra, and Paula M. Alves 

Scale-Up and Manufacturing of Cell-based Therapies V held in San Diego, California, USA (15-19 January)


Best Poster Presentation Prize

Engineering envelope glycoproteins for the establishment of stable cell lines for lentiviral vector production

Daniel Mestre

ESACT Frontiers Retreat, October 20th – 22nd 2016 in Lyon, France


Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation

Towards improving predictability in pre-clinical research: human 3D neural in vitro model for assessment of gene therapy vectors

Daniel Simão

19th Congress of the European Society of Toxicology in vitro (ESTIV) held in Juan-les-Pins, France (17-20 October)


Poster in the Spotlight

Mimicking disease progression features by modulation of the tumor microenvironment in stirred-tank culture systems

Marta F. Estrada, Sofia P. Rebelo, Vitor E. Santo, Emma J. Davies, Sofia Abreu, Marta T. Pinto, Wolfgang Sommergruber, Paula M. Alves, Elizabeth Anderson, Catarina Brito

EACR24 (24th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research), Manchester, UK, July 2016


Young Investigator Award

A click chemistry approach to monitor and improve Influenza Virus-Like Particles Downstream Processing

Sofia B. Carvalho, João M. Freire, Mafalda G. Moleirinho, Francisca Monteiro, Diana Gaspar, Miguel A.R.B. Castanho, M.J.T Carrondo, P. M. Alves, Gonçalo J.L. Bernardes, Cristina Peixoto

Affinity 2015 Meeting (21st biennial meeting of the international society for molecular recognition), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, September 2015.


Best Student Poster Award

Filtration methodologies for the concentration and washing of human mesenchymal stem cells

Bárbara Cunha, C Peixoto, MM Silva, MJT Carrondo, M Serra, PM Alves

Scale-up and Manufacturing of Cell-Based Therapies IV, San Diego, California, USA, January 2015.


Best Oral Presentation

The interplay between CD81 and Hepatitis C virus envelope protein E2: impact on developing a HCV vaccine candidate

Hugo R. Soares, Rute Castro, Bertrand Bellier, David Klatzmann, Paula M. Alves, Manuel J. T. Carrondo and Ana S. Coroadinha

VI ITQB PhD Students’ Meeting, Oeiras, Portugal, November 2015.


Best Poster Presentation

Improvement of enveloped virus based biopharmaceuticals production in mammalian cells

Ana S. Formas-Oliveira, A.F. Rodrigues, P.M. Alves and A.S. Coroadinha

VI ITQB PhD Students' Meeting, Oeiras, Portugal, November 2015.


Best Overall Poster Prize

Tweaking insect cell platforms for the production of multivalent VLPs: Metabolic profiling, pathway analysis and bioprocess optimization

Francisca Monteiro, Vicente Bernal, Anis Hamdi, Petra Drncova, Maxime Chaillet, Imre Berger and Paula M. Alves

Vaccine Technology V, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, June 2014.


Best Abstract Award

Modeling human neuronal functionality in vitro: 3D culture for neural differentiation and maturation

Daniel Simão, C. Pinto, M Serra, A. Teixeira, G. Schiavo, E. J. Kremer, P. M. Alves and C. Brito

8th International Meeting of the SPCE-TC, Faro, Portugal, May 2013.


Best Poster Award

Cryopreservation of adherent cells: strategies to improve cell viability and function after thawing

Rita Malpique, D. Ferreira, F. Ehrhart, A. Katsen-Globa, M. J. T. Carrondo, H. Zimmermann, P. M. Alves

2nd World Congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, Seul, South Korea, August 2009.


2nd Best Poster Presentation

Improved Cryopreservation Protocols for Brain Cells

Rita Malpique, L. Osório, D. Ferreira, F. Ehrhart, H. Zimmermann and Paula M. Alves

ESACT 2009, Dublin, Ireland, June 2009.


3rd Best Poster Presentation

Lipid Metabolism as a Basis for Improved Manufacturing of Complex Bioproducts – The case of Retroviral Vectors

Ana Filipa Rodrigues, M. Carmo, AI. Amaral, P. M. Alves and A. S. Coroadinha

ESACT 2009, Dublin, Ireland, June 2009.


Merck Best Student Poster Award

Novel techniques for characterization of double and triple-layered rotavirus-like particles

Candida Mellado, Ana Luísa Simplício, António Lopes, Manuel J.T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves

Vaccine Technology II, Albufeira, Portugal, June 2008.


Merck Best Student Poster Award

Cell Culture and Cryopreservation in an Alginate Environment: Applications in Cell-Based Therapies and Toxicology Testing

Rita Malpique, Friederike Ehrhart, Alisa Katsen-Globa, Manuel J. T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves, Heiko Zimmermann

Cell Culture Engineering XI, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, April 2008.


1st Best Poster Presentation

Understanding anion exchange membrane chromatography: optimization of Rotavirus-Like Particles purification

Tiago Vicente, Marcos Sousa, Cristina Peixoto, Manuel J.T. Carrondo and Paula M. Alves

14th International Conference on Biopartitioning and Purification, Lisbon, Portugal, June2007.


2nd Prize Poster Presentation

Screening Anion-Exchange Chromatographic Matrices for Isolation of Onco-Retroviral Vectors

Teresa Rodrigues, Andreia Carvalho, António Roldão, Manuel J.T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves, Pedro E. Cruz

European Downstream Technology Forum, Göttingen, Germany, May 2006.


1st Best Poster Presentation

Cell growth arrest by nucleotides, nucleosides and bases as a tool for improved production of recombinant proteins.

Ana V. Carvalhal, Sónia Sá Santos, Mathias Haury, Manuel J.T. Carrondo

18th Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology, Granada, May 2003


1st Best Poster Presentation

Alternative Approaches to Culture Brain Cells in Stirred Tank Bioreactors.

Paula M Alves, Sónia Sá Santos, Luis L. Fonseca, Miguel AR Monteiro & Manuel J.T. Carrondo

First World Congress on Regenerative Medicine, Leipzig, October 2003


1st Best Poster Presentation

Controlled Growth of Animal Cells for Biopharmaceutical Production.

Ana Carvalhal, José Calado, Sónia Sá Santos, Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Cell Culture Engineering VIII, Snowmass Village, Colorado, USA, April 2002

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