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Thesis Prizes

Best PhD Thesis Prize ITQB – 2014

Integrated functional genomics for improved manufacture of recombinant enveloped virus: transcriptional profiling and metabolic engineering of retrovirus producer cells

Ana Filipa Rodrigues

Supervisors: Ana Sofia Coroadinha and Wei-Shou Hu.


Best PhD Thesis Prize ITQB – 2012

Disclosing Carbon Monoxide Protection in Cerebral Ischemia: Insights into the cellular mechanisms

Cláudia Queiroga

Supervisors: Helena L.A. Vieira and Paula M. Alves.


Best PhD Thesis Prize ITQB – 2010

Production Optimization of Rotavirus-Like Particles - A Systems Biology Approach.

António Roldão

Supervisors: Rui M. F. Oliveira and Manuel J. T. Carrondo.


Best PhD Thesis of Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research - 2010

Expression of Antibodies and Retroviral Vectors from Defined Chromosomal Sites: Strategies towards Reliable Production Systems

Leonor Norton

Supervisors: Hansjörg Hauser and Paula M. Alves.

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