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PhD Thesis


Cláudia Susana Pedreira Correia. Bioprocessing of human Pluripotent Stem Cells for cardiac cell therapy and pre-clinical research. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Margarida Serra



Bárbara Martins Paiva da Cunha. Development of Integrated Strategies for the Downstream Processing of Human Stem Cells for Clinical Application. Supervisors: Margarida Serra, Cristina Peixoto and Paula Alves

Tiago Martins da Costa Duarte. Probing CHO cells using metabolomics and fluxomics tools. Supervisors: Paula Alves and Ana Teixeira

Ana Sofia Cabral e Sousa de Almeida. Carbon monoxide modulation of neuronal diffentiation – disclosing celular mechanisms. Supervisors: Helena Vieira and Paula Alves

Daniel Filipe Mestre Simão. Development of human central nervous system 3D in vitro models for preclinical research. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Catarina Brito

Ana Carina Santos Ferreira da Silva. Strategies for improved Adenovirus and PPR vaccine production in different cell lines: from bioprocess development to final formulation. Supervisors: Paula Alves and Pedro Cruz



Francisca Monteiro. Rational design of insect cell-based vaccine production: Bridging metabolomics with mathematical tools to study virus-host interactions. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Vicente Bernal

Sofia Rebelo. Development of 3D in vitro models for prediction of hepatic metabolism and toxicology. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Catarina Brito

Fabiana Fernandes. Establishment and evaluation of a flexible insect cell line for rapid production of recombinant proteins. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves, Ana Teixeira and Kristala Prather, MIT

Paulo Fernandes. Bioprocess design of canine adenovírus vectors for gene therapy applications. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Ana Sofia Coroadinha



Ana Filipa Rodrigues. Integrated functional genomics for improved manufacture of recombinant enveloped virus: transcriptional profiling and metabolic engineering of retrovirus producer cells. Supervisors: Wei-Shou Hu and Ana Sofia Coroadinha



Joana Lamego, Understanding Human Carboxylesterase 2 – and the feasibility of a more relevant cell model for intestinal metabolism. Supervisors: Ana Luísa Simplício and Ana Sofia Coroadinha

Cláudia Queiroga, Disclosing Carbon Monoxide Protection in Cerebral Ischemia – Insight into the cellular mechanismsSupervisors: Helena L.A. Vieira and Paula M. Alves

Sofia Leite, Novel Approaches for Culturing Hepatocytes for Drug Testing Applications.  Supervisors: Paula M. Alves

Rui Tostões, Process Engineering of Liver Cells for Drug Testing Applications. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves



Ana Amaral, Metabolic flux Analysis of Neural Cell Metabolism in Primary Cultures. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves

Nuno CarinhasSystems Biotechnology of Baculovirus-Producing Insect Cells. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Rui M.F. Oliveira

Margarida SerraProduction Process Engineering of Stem Cells for Clinical Application. Supervisor: Paula M. Alves



Tiago Vicente: Downstream processing development of enveloped viruses for clinical applications – Innovative tools for rational process optimizationSupervisors: Manuel J. T. Carrondo and Paula M. Alves

António RoldãoProduction Optimization of Rotavirus-Like Particles - A Systems Biology Approach. Supervisors: Rui M. F. Oliveira and Manuel J. T. Carrondo.

Leonor NortonExpression of Antibodies and Retroviral Vectors from Defined Chromosomal Sites: Strategies towards Reliable Production Systems2010. Supervisors: Hansjörg Hauser and Paula M. Alves.

Rita MalpiqueNovel Cryopreservation Strategies for Cell Therapies and Pre-Clinical Research. 2010. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Heiko Zimmermann



Sónia Sá SantosIn Vitro Models for Metabolic Studies of Brain Insults. Supervisor: Paula M. Alves

Candida MelladoTriple-layered rotavirus-like particles production: a focus on in vitro assembly and disassembly. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and Manuel J. T. Carrondo

Marlene CarmoGammaretroviral and Lentiviral Vectors for Gene Therapy – Stability and Inactivation Mechanisms. Supervisors: Manuel J.T. Carrondo and Pedro Cruz

Cristina C. PeixotoChallenges in the Purification of Complex Biopharmaceuticals. Supervisor: Paula M. Alves



Ana Margarida TeixeiraBridging Systems Biology and Bioprocess Engineering: Application to Mammalian cell cultures. Supervisors: Rui M.F. Oliveira and. Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Teresa RodriguesPurification of Retroviral Vectors for Gene TherapySupervisors: Pedro Cruz and. Manuel J.T. Carrondo



Claudia IstrateHost and Immune Response to Natural and Experimental Rotavirus Infection. Supervisors: Manuel J.T. Carrondo and Paula M. Alves

Tiago Bruno FerreiraAdenovirus as a Biopharmaceutical: Optimisation of Vector Production. Supervisors: Paula M. Alves and. Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Isabel Eloi MarcelinoDevelopment of a Vaccine Candidate Against Heartwater: Producing Obligate Intracellular Bacteria for Veterinary Application. Supervisors:. Manuel J.T. Carrondo and Paula M. Alves


Previous years

Ana Sofia CoroadinhaImproved Strategies for the Development of Retroviral Gene Therapy Vectors: From the Producer Cell to the Viral Vector2005. Supervisor: Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Luis Camilo MarangaEngineering Challenges in the Production of VLPs: Understanding Baculovirus-Insect Cells Interactions, 2003. Supervisor:. Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Ana Verónica CarvalhalMammalian Cell Growth Arrest for Biopharmaceutical Production Improvement2003. Supervisor: Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Paula M. AlvesNMR Studies of Central Metabolism in Brain Cells, Immobilized Primary Cultures as Model-System2000.Supervisors:. Helena Santos and Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Helder J. S. CruzModulation of BHK Cell Metabolism by Nutrient Manipulation1999. Supervisor: Manuel J.T. Carrondo

Pedro E. CruzGlobal Optimization of Bioprocesses: A focus on Complex Bioproducts. 1999. Supervisor: Manuel J.T. Carrondo

José L. MoreiraEngineering of Animal Cell Aggregates. 1994Supervisor: Manuel J.T. Carrondo


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