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The Molecular, Structural and Cellular Microbiology Unit (MOSTMICRO) aims to advance the fundamental knowledge of living organisms, with emphasis on important bacterial pathogens, towards improving human health.


Our research is focused on selected microorganisms from all the three life domains, Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya, for the study of basic Biological questions, to improve our understanding of pathogens, and to contribute to the identification and design of novel systems/proteins/compounds with therapeutic potential.

Integration and complementarity of the activities of chemists, biochemists, structural, computational biologists, cell biologists, geneticists, microbiologists and molecular epidemiologists, provides a solid foundation for interdisciplinary research to solve major challenges faced by Society. This will be accompanied by educational activities, including teaching, science communication and outreaching activities.

This Unit contributes to the strategic area of research on the Molecular Basis of Health and Disease at the host institution, addressing Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges such as Health, demographic change and wellbeing.

The Unit will have two Thematic Lines (TL): Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes (TL1) and Anti-Infective Strategies against Bacterial Pathogens (TL2). The Unit’s nine Research Groups, each composed of 2-4 independent Labs (26 Labs in total), have research interests aligned with at least one of these TLs.