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António Xavier Prize 2017

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Lifetime Award attributed to Professor Carlos Geraldes

Oeiras, 7.07.2017

The António Xavier Prize, an award created as a tribute to the ITQB NOVA founder and great champion of NMR in Portugal, was announced today during the celebration of ITQB NOVA's integration in Universidade NOVA. The prize was awarded to Prof. Carlos Geraldes, University of Coimbra, for his important contribution to the field of NMR research in Portugal, especially in the area of contrast agent development for clinical imaging.

The António Xavier Prize was created by Bruker BioSpin in recognition of the tireless dedication of Professor António Xavier to Portuguese science. This annual award, with a monetary value of five thousand Euros, is intended to reward a Portuguese person or a team for their contribution to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) fields.

Among the previous recipients of this award are Professor Victor Gil (2007), Dr. Tiago Brandão Rodrigues (2008), present Minister of Education of Portugal, Dr. Konstantin Luzyanin (2008), Dr. Luís Mafra (2010), Dr.  Vitor Paixão  (2011, ITQB-NOVA), Dr. Tiago Pais (2012, ITQB NOVA), Dr. Aldino Viegas (2013),  Dr. Gonçalo Graça and Dr. Inês Sousa (2014).

The Evaluation Committee is chaired by Prof. Helena Santos, ITQB NOVA, a faithful collaborator of António Xavier. The other members of the jury are David Turner (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Eurico Cabrita (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), João Rocha (Universidade de Aveiro), José Ascenso (Universidade de Lisboa), Marta Bruix (Universidade Autónoma de Madrid), Luís Mafra (Universidade de Aveiro), Rui Brito (Universidade de Coimbra) and Ana Gil (Universidade de Aveiro).

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