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Scientists meaning business

New course to promote entrepreneurship in scientists, partnership ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE

Oeiras, 14.06.2018

StartUp Research, a new graduate program to foster entrepreneurship skills in young scientists is launched today, as a partnership between a research institute (ITQB NOVA) and a School of Business and Economics (NOVA SBE), both of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. For 3 months, scientists will learn how to turn knowledge and ideas into value by learning with researchers, entrepreneurs and companies. This new course wants to bring economic and business skills as part of the scientific training of a PhD.

"We want to promote the emergence of companies that can transfer the knowledge created in our laboratories to products and services of interest to the market and society. We think there is nobody better equipped for this than the scientists themselves, and for this we will give them the best training in Innovation in partnership with NOVA SBE "says Cláudio M. Soares, ITQB NOVA dean.


”We have been training top researchers for 25 years, who continue their careers in Portugal and abroad. We know how to train scientists and now we want them to know how to recognize business opportunities with the knowledge they generate. We want to train scientists who can also create companies and jobs, while giving the knowledge back to society in the form of products that can be useful."

More details on the course can be found on the website.

The official launch of the course will take place on June 26 at 17:30, at ITQB NOVA in Oeiras.


Program - StartUp Research Presentation

17h30 Welcome and Intro
Cláudio Soares, ITQB NOVA dean
Daniel Traça, NOVA SBE dean

17h50 Program Presentation – Structure and Objectives
Miguel Santos, StartUp Research Coordinator


18h00 RoundTable

Cristina Silva Pereira, ITQB NOVA group leader

Miguel Muñoz, NOVA SBE Venture Lab
Orfeu Flores, ITQB NOVA Alumni and StabLab CEO
Isabel Rocha, Universidade Nova de Lisboa Pro-Rector for Innovation


18h45 Closure
José Ferreira Machado, Universidade Nova de Lisboa Vice-Rector


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