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Workpackage 3


WP3 Responsible: Miguel S. Teixeira

Main goals

  • Trans-national scientific and technological talks
  • Support in the construction of inter-disciplinary projects
  • The opening of invitations to tender from network members to INTERBIO partners and project support, help with mobility
  • Scientific training and inter-disciplinary summer school


ITQB activities



Seminars and training courses


ITQB Collaborative projects


 Antonio PINEDA-LUCENA, Valencia
Claudio GOMES, Lisboa
Using metabonomics to understand fatty acid oxidation disease
 Salvador VENTURA ZAMORA, Barcelona
Proteomic analysis of cellular responses to protein-aggregation-mediated stress
 Yann ASTIER, Lisboa
Josep SAMITIER, Barcelona
Nanochannels for single molecule studies
 Jacqueline GRIMA PETTENATI, Toulouse
Jorge PINTO PAIVA, Lisboa
The MicroRNAs in Eucalyptus tension wood world
 Royo BEATRIZ , Lisboa
Gómez MONTSERRAT, Toulouse
Molybdenum complexes containing chiral oxazoline ligands: coordination and catalysis
 Fernando ROCH, Toulouse
Elio SUCENA, Lisboa
Studying functional diversification and evolution of regulatory sequences after a gene duplication event
 Bruno BRUNO VICTOR, Lisboa
Xavier XAVIER DAURA, Barcelona
Molecular Simulations of Hemagglutinin from Influenza virus
 Peter FALLER, Toulouse
Claudio GOMES, Lisboa
Structural and functional aspects of the Cu/Fe-amyloid-beta complex
 Cecilia ARRAIANO, Lisboa
Stabilome E coli
 Muñoz-almagro CARMEN , Barcelona
Sa-leao RAQUEL, Lisboa
Invasiveness of pneumococcal serotypes and clones circulating in Catalonia during heptavalente conjugate vaccine period
 Olga IRANZO, Lisboa
Rafel PROHENS, Barcelona
Study of the influence of peptide flexibility on metal ion coordination properties
 Rita ABRANCHES, Lisboa
José maría SEGUÍ, Valencia
Investigating the subcellular trafficking of human recombinant proteins expressed in plants
 Francesc PALAU, Valencia
Cláudio GOMES, Lisboa
Evaluation of mitochondrial beta-oxidation flavoenzymes in a cellular model of Friedreich ataxia
 Jean-jacques TOULMÉ, Bordeaux
Claudio GOMES, Lisboa
Studies on human S100 protein-aptamer complexes
 Célia ROMÃO, Lisboa
Jordi juanhuix GIBERT, Barcelona
Introduction to the MX XALOC BL13 Beamline at ALBA


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