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Interbio Summer School

Interbio Summer School on Structural Biology ‘NMR applications in Protein Research'



The international Interbio Summer School on Structural Biology ‘NMR applications in Protein Research' will take place at the Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB) and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) from 22-30 September 2011. In the unique setting of the town of Oeiras, located at the Tagus river mouth and the Estoril beach coast, just outside Lisbon, this course will cover a various NMR applications to protein research.


This Summer school contains three modules. The first one will consist of practical sessions on the study of protein dynamics, protein-drug and protein-protein interactions. It will be followed by tutorials on the use of CCPN suite and its applications to Solid state NMR. Finally we will conclude with a 3-days symposium covering a wide spectrum of biomolecular NMR application. This last two modules will also be part of the 3rd EU/CCPN Conference.

The school will focus on modern topics, such as Protein dynamics, protein-protein, protein-drug interactions and biomolecular Solid State NMR, and it targets preferentially (but not exclusively ) audiences with intermediate level of understanding of NMR. The practical sessions will provide a basic background and hands-on practice on the above topics, while the final symposium will focus on modern applications to cutting edge research in Solid State, Liquid state NMR and protein production techniques.


The event is free for INTERBIO participants, but limited to 3 candidates per node (LISBON, TOULOUSE, VALENCIA, BARCELONA, BORDEAUX), due to its practical nature.  Travel and living expenses must be covered by each respective node.


Please browse the Summer School web site - for the full scientific and social program. Remember that the success of Interbio is in your hands, so please bring this event to the attention of colleagues within your node.

We look forward to seeing you in Oeiras

Manolis Matzapetekis in collaboration with The Collaborative Computing Project for NMR
Organizing committee: M. Matzapetakis, C. Gomes, P. Fernandes, C. Oliveira, A. Sanchez, M. Teixeira

Organization:   Partners:   Supported by:
itqb      ccpn


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