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Q: What is interbio?
Briefly, the INTERBIO project is a EU initiative aimed at promoting of innovation and the setting up of long lasting cooperative networks in the technology field and it involves institutions within five nodes: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon.

More details at

Q: What institutions/organizations belong to the interbio network?
UPS Toulouse, BIOCAT Barcelona, FIVEC Valencia, ITQB Lisboa and IECB Bordeaux.

Q: Do I need to be a member of the INTERBIO network to attend the workshop?
Yes. The course size is limited due to its applied nature, so it is not possible to extend it to non-members.

The session on the 22nd March, which includes presentation of successful outreach initiatives within INTERBIO, is open to all.

Q: Do I have to pay for the registration?

No, the Interbio Workshop will be free for participants.


Q: What expenses will be covered by the organization?

Registration include coffee-breaks and lunches for all days of the workshop.

On the 20th of March (scientific writing exercises), if desired, lunch is also available for participants. 


Q: Can my local INTERBIO node support my travel/living expenses? 
Interbio local points should be contacted about this possibility and to make the necessary arrangements:
Toulouse UPS Alain-Michel BOUDET
Barcelona BIOCAT Nerea ALONSO
Valencia FIVEC Arturo ORTIGOSA
Bordeaux IECB Jean- Jacques TOULMÉ


Q: Where could I stay? 
These are some possibilities:

  • Youth Hostel: Pousada da Juventude Catalazete
    Link to the Youth hostel
    Link to google map
    Multiple Bedroom - 12 EUR; Double - 34 EUR; Apartment - 64 EUR, (/night)



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