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The 2nd ITQB PhD Students’ Meeting is scheduled for October 26-28.

Organized by the students, this meeting is an opportunity for ITQB PhD students to present and discuss their work amongst each other and with other ITQB scientists. This year 46 students will be presenting their work.

The meeting further includes the participation of established scientists from other institutions, who both inspire us through their work and serve as examples of how good science can influence the world. We are happy to announce that this year’s programme includes lectures by João Paulo Crespo (FCT-UNL), Hélder Maiato (IBMC) and Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM).

Thinking outside our scientific box, we have also invited someone who can offer a different perspective on motivation: the performer and motivational speaker, Pedro Tochas, has kindly accepted our invitation and will be closing the second day with a talk followed by a Q&A session.

Finally, we encourage you to join us for a final round table discussion entitled “The path ahead from an idea to a start-up company” for which we are glad to have the participation of António Câmara (YDreams), William Heggie (Hovione), Carlos Romão (Alfama), Patrícia Calado (Bioalvo), Carlos Fontes (NZYTech) and Paulo Andrez (DNA Cascais).

We hope to meet you all (students and non-students) there.

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