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PhD Course

The ITQB PhD Course (30 ECTS) is divided in seven mandatory curricular units:



The first three units - Advances in Chemistry and Structural Biology, Trends in Microbial and Cell Biology and Frontiers in Biotechnology - take place in the first semester in an intensive regime and will be immediatelly followed by the Research Training module in which the student will spend some time working in different laboratories (this laboratory rotations are optional for students already associated with a particular laboratory/supervisor). After this peridod, the student is expected to choose a particular research group at ITQB to develop the PhD research project. Students must submit their projects before engaging in their research work.

During their PhD studies, students can flexibilize their training by, upon approval, attending other courses at ITQB or in other research institutions. These couses are included in the Free Option and can take place from the 2nd semester onwards.

The second year of studies will include the Bioentrepeneurship unit (3rd semester).

Activities within the Science Culture and Society unit will span the four years of training.


Course dates in 2013

  • ACSB: 10 Jan - 30 Jan
  • TMCB: 4 Feb - 22 Feb
  • FB: 25 Feb -11 Mar (morning)
  • SCS: 11 Mar (afternoon) - 15 Mar


All courses will take place in English


Particular evaluation criteria have been set for each curricular unit. In any case, student approval is dependent on the participation of at least 90% of the activities.

PhD course organising committee


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