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Free Option

The main goal of this Curricular Unit is to allow the student to format his/her advanced 3rd cycle studies to specific needs and goals. This is accomplished in two ways. First, by following Curricular Units offered in-house, in other schools or research Institutes of the UNL, or in other Universities or Institutes in the country or abroad, with which the ITQB has cooperation protocols. Second, if a specific course is not available, by means of a specific proposal made by the student or a group of students to the Course Committee, for a course in the form of a tutorial or equivalent format, as long as it conforms to the number of ECTS specified above, and to the general goals of the 3rd cycle course. Typically, the competencies to be acquired will be directed to a specific need identified by the student, who will be able to complete and adjust his/her academic training  according to a specific profile.



in-house, Paula Alves, Raquel Sá-Leão; also the responsibles for the various curricular units selected by the student


Number of credits



The evaluation methods will be those defined for the particular Curricular Unit chosen by the student. Evaluation may include an exam with a theroretical and a practical component, as well as presentations, reports, etc. For tutorials, the evaluation will be based mostly on the assesement of the students participation, critical reading of the literature, and capacity to cement the information.

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Free Option


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